BE FIT!!!!!

An interactive health curriculum

Simple curriculum

During this class period you will monitor your heart rate before you begin the exercise planned for the period and then after each lap around the stadium. Upon the completion of 7 laps you will monitor your heart rate again for a 1 minute period. Several options are available to use for this activity to save your results. Results are to be written on piece of paper then added to your portfolio after the completion of this activity. Remember, sites must be able to link to a school computer if you wish to add them to your final portfolio.

This will create the starting point for you to track your progress throughout the following month and be the first entry into your portfolio. It is your responsibility to keep track of all individual exercise monitoring sessions.

Tracking your heart rate is easy and can be done by finding your pulse on your wrist for a 30 second period of time and doubling the result. This will give you the number of beats per minute. Directions can be found at the following site:

A normal resting heart rate for most teenagers is between 50 and 90 beats per minute. The more physically active you are the lower your resting heart rate will be.

Curriculum designed for 9th grade students.