VCR 10 Presentation

by: Steven Patrick

Which word?

Based on the criteria that he lives under a rock in a dwelling furnished from sand, one might misjudge Patrick Star as a ________ without any friends.


n. Someone who lives alone and avoids company; a hermit


re <L. "back", "again"

Related Forms

reclusion, n.

reclusive, adj.


loner, single, introvert


socialite, extrovert, friend
To Kill a Mockingbird (10/10) Movie CLIP - Scout Meets Boo Radley (1962) HD

Choose the sentence in which the bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

a. Howard Hughes, notable for leading a reclusive lifestyle in his later years, would rent hotel floors for months at a time to avoid any confrontation with other hotel patrons.

b. It is quite obvious to me when new video games are released on the market, for my brother becomes a recluse and locks himself in his room.

c. "Curse the recluse kids that come around at night and leave footprints in my garden" exclaimed Old Man Jenkins.

d. Boo Radley, a recluse in Scout Finch's neighborhood, would rarely set foot outside of his house.