Grade 5

December 7th - 11th

Unit of inquiry

This week students have continued developing their research skills with our librarian, Ms Mills. Students have been thinking of questions for this unit and the sources they could use to find answers to their questions.

We also investigated how the length and position of shadows change throughout the day and why these changes happen. Students are encouraged to explore the websites listed on the Grade 5 wikispace under Library Resources to further their understanding.


We continued our work on our mini-unit on time. Students worked on a range of learning engagements depending on their skills and knowledge. Skills practised included telling the time on digital and analogue clocks, converting between 12 hour and 24 hour time, learning ways of saying the time (e.g. a quarter past 4, 4 fifteen, 15 minutes past 4), calculating how much time has passed (e.g. If you leave home at 6.28 and arrive at school at 7.05, how long did it take to get to school?), and interpreting the information shown on timetables and schedules.

There are many activities that can be done outside school to reinforce your child's understanding: ask them to read the time on an analogue, not digital, clock or watch; doing cooking activities that require keeping track of the time; reading bus or train schedules while on holiday; looking at the arrival and departure boards at the airport and changing the times from 24 to 12 hour time; calculating how long journeys by car or plane take; talk about the time difference between countries you travel to during the holiday and why time zones exist.

After the holiday we will begin a unit on fractions and decimals. We encourage students to spend some time tuning in to this unit by reviewing what they learned in Grade 4.

Preparing for the summative assessment task

The summative assessment task for this unit requires students to write a description of a tool that is used to help us understand earth and its environments. We will be introducing this in class next week. Over the vacation students are encouraged to spend time researching the tool they choose. They might find useful websites and should make a note of them so they can use them during class time. They might choose to print out information from a website (they should cite the source).

Students should not do the description at home, just start researching.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, December 17th Qatar National Day Celebrations: students are encouraged to come to school in national dress or the colours of the Qatari flag.

Book fair: there will be a book fair at school on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday next week. The fair will be held in the Atrium. All students will have an opportunity to see what is available and buy books if they wish (money can be brought to school for this).