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St. Paul School-Kevin Brever, Principal-February 27, 2015

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“99% of failures come from people who make excuses.”

George Washington (2/22/1732-12/14/1799) the first President of the United States (1789–1797), the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

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From Desk of the Principal
  • Saint Paul Catholic Community App is Now Available!

  • Governor's Cup-E-Assessment-Quick Recall - 2/28

  • OPEN HOUSE - 3/8

  • Proud to be a Raider

  • ---Raider Basketball, Remarkable!

  • ---4/5 Quick Recall Team Undefeated

  • ---Archery Team Match - St. Bernard Tournament - 2/27

  • A Dozen Reasons to Choose Catholic Schools #7

  • Catholic Education Foundation allocates new funding for tuition assistance

  • ------CEF Applications Link

  • National Catholic Defining Characteristics and National Catholic Program Effectiveness Surveys - February 23 – March 6

  • ---NADC&NCPE Survey Link

  • Lenten Fish Fry's Start - 2/27

  • ---Fish Fry Menu

  • Shirley's Way Service Project- Jeans Day Results

  • WaterStep Service Project with Holy Cross Senior Austin Kelly - 2/27-3/6

  • DeSales High School Baseball Trivia - 2/28

  • Holy Cross Middle School Mixer for Grades 6-8 - 3/6

  • Celebrate Calm Event at St. Andrew Academy - 4/16

From the Houses

  • Cecilia House Service Project - Pennies for Patients

From the PTO

  • Chaperones Needed for the Last Middle School Mixer of the Year
  • ------It's a Whiteout! - 3/14

From the Classroom

  • ---Music
  • ------8th Gr. Field Trip to Downtown Recording & The Guitar Center
  • ---SPD News
  • ---Library News
  • ---Technology
  • ------Let's Make A Thing Workshops - The MakerPlace!

  • ------Robotics World Championship - Be a Part of the Action! - 4/15-4/18

  • ------The Foos Computer Coding Game

  • ------More Coding Fun

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St. Paul Parish School Calendar

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Saint Paul Catholic Community App is Now Available!

The Saint Paul app is designed to keep parents and students informed with recent news and information regarding the school and parish. Features include things such as push notifications, calendars, request for information forms, menu updates, athletics, etc.

To begin using the new app, scan the appropriate QR Code below for your device.

Governor's Cup-E-Assessment-Quick Recall - 2/28

Our Quick Recall team will participate in the Governor's Cup-E-Assessment at St. Gabriel School, 5503 Bardstown Road. We wish them great luck!
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Proud to be a Raider

Raider Basketball, Remarkable!

First time since 2005 (10 Years) that both 5/6 boys team and 5/6 girls team won City Championships in the same year! Remarkable!

  • Our boys added two more trophies to our collection. The 5th & 6th-grade #1 team and # 2 team are both City Champions! They played hard and showed great sportsmanship.
  • Our Girls 5th & 6th-grade teams also are City Champs!!! Way to go girls!
  • Congratulations to the girls, the boys and the coaches for all of their hard work! We are so proud of all of you! It's a great day to be a Raider!!
  • Congratulations to the players and coaches for a tremendous accomplishment.

4/5 Quick Recall Team Undefeated

Our success continues as our 4/5 quick recall team completed their season yesterday undefeated. They will participate in Governor's Cup competition this Saturday at St. Gabriel. Go Raiders!

Archery Team Match - St. Bernard Tournament - 2/27

Our Archery Team will have a match this Friday evening at 8:00 PM in the St. Bernard Tournament. We hope to have several top scorers in this event.

A Dozen Reasons to Choose Catholic Schools #7

We teach children respect of self and others.

-Courtesy of the National Catholic Education Association

Catholic Education Foundation allocates new funding for tuition assistance

The Catholic Education Foundation of Louisville is providing $200,000 in new funding to help families who qualify at the four Catholic elementary schools in southwest Louisville, including St. Paul School.

The 2015-16 Catholic Education Foundation Applications for tuition assistance are NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE.

Please click on the link below to begin your online application process. Paper copies are available in the school office.

You may also call CEF directly at 585-2747.

National Catholic Defining Characteristics and National Catholic Program Effectiveness Surveys - February 23 – March 6

A few weeks ago you were notified that the Archdiocese of Louisville and all of its schools would be administering the AdvancED survey as a means to elicit your opinions in an effort to help improve school and diocesan practices. Your opinion is very important to us and we ask that you take the survey at this time and submit your answers no later than March 6, 2015. Please be assured that your responses are anonymous, and your honest opinions are appreciated.

You may find the survey by clicking on the link provided below. Once you have clicked on the link: Please locate St. Paul Parish School in the drop-down box and click on it. Complete the survey and hit Finish.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact us at 935-5511.

Thank you for your participation in this survey. Your feedback is vital to the Archdiocesan commitment to schools which provide Excellence You Can Believe In. The Archdiocese of Louisville and St. Paul Parish School are grateful for your cooperation. God bless.

Lenten Fish Fry's Start February 27, 2015

We will be having our regular Friday Lenten Fish Fry’s beginning 2/27.

These fish fry’s are very important in funding the school. It is important that all families provide the necessary support to ensure the success. Last year we netted $13,875. Our goal this year is to net $14,500.

A complete schedule of dates and classes responsible for workers is at the bottom of this e-mail. Please note the date your class is responsible for working and ensure you sign up to help by sending an e-mail or calling the room mother of your class listed below:

You may sign up for the following times:

  • 2:30-4:30 PM 4 adults Preparation
  • 4:30-6:30 PM 12 adults Serving
  • 6:30-8:30 PM 12 adults Serving/Clean Up

We also need cakes, pies, etc for the cake wheel. If you work and bring in a cake your child will receive 2 dress down days (1 for working and 1 for the cake).

The Fish Fry Committee is composed of school parents, parishioners, and other parish organizations. The entire parish community is helping support this function. All of us working together will ensure the financial success of these fish fry’s and we will achieve our goal.

Class Schedule

Fish Fry's will start at 4:30 PM

Date Classes

  • 2/27/2015 -- PS - K - 1st - 6th
  • 3/6/2015 -- PK-Gray - 2nd - 3rd - 5th
  • 3/13/2015 -- PK-Red - 4th - 7th - 8th
  • 3/20/2015 -- PS - K - 1st - 6th
  • 3/27/2015 -- PK-Gray - 2nd - 3rd - 5th

Fish Fry Menu

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Shirley's Way Service Project- Jeans Day

This past week we partnered with a Holy Cross student, Madison Riley, on a very worthy service project. For this special project, we are grateful to our families and our students who raised the following amounts of money:
Grade -- Amount

PS -- $ 28.00

PK-Red -- $ 30.00

PK-Gray -- $ 13.00

K -- $ 13.00

1 -- $ 12.00

2 -- $ 22.00

3 -- $ 28.00

4 -- $ 15.00

5 -- $ 15.00

6 -- $ 21.00

7 -- $ 22.00

8 -- $ 26.00

Other -- $ 4.00

Total -- $249.00

WaterStep Service Project with Holy Cross Senior Austin Kelly - 2/27-3/6

Take a Step to End Thirst! -- Donate Shoes to Save Lives

Worldwide, 875 million people don't have access to safe water. YOU CAN HELP!

  1. Collect ALL TYPES of shoes that you or a family member may have that they don't need anymore. Old and New Shoes Work!
  2. Bring them to St. Paul School from February 27th to March 6th and put them in the collection boxes set up there. Don't miss the Deadline (3/6)!
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Celebrate Calm Event at St. Andrew Academy - 4/16

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From the Houses

Cecilia House Service Project - Pennies for Patients

Pennies for Patients is a program sponsored by The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society that allows us to collect money to help find a cure for treatments for blood cancer patients. Our school goal is $1500. Each student brought home a box for collecting spare change around the house.

Thank you in advance for helping support this cause!

Pennies for Patients Picture Gallery

Click here to find Pennies for Patients Assembly pictures and many other school activities,

From the PTO

Chaperones Needed for the Last Middle School Mixer of the Year

We are looking for volunteers to chaperone the last Middle School Mixer of
the year.
The mixer is March 14th. Volunteers are needed from 7:30 - 11:30.
If you would like to help, please contact Kellie Wilson by email at or call 502-417-4829.
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From the Classroom


8th Gr. Field Trip to Downtown Recording & The Guitar Center

  • The 8th Grade have been working on a songwriting project for the past couple of weeks. They were instructed to follow a set of instructions to how to write a song with lyrics and music. They learned that the “Chorus” is the catchy part of the song with a “hook” that is memorable, and the “Verse” is the part that tells the story.
  • Each student paired with a partner to write lyrics that told “who, what, when, where, and how” in their song. They also created audio tracks in Quaver Music as an accompaniment for their song.
  • Each group’s song was reviewed and voted on by a panel of four judges as to which song was to be recorded at “Downtown Recording” on our field trip Thursday.
- Mr. Ransom
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  • The winning song was “The Show” composed by Andrew Schmitt and Colin Faust.
  • The runners up were “Summer Time” by Rachel Key and Dustin Horn, and “Reality” by Maddie Wilson and Ashlynn Tucker.
  • The winning song “The Show” was recorded live at “Downtown Recording Studios.” A CD will be available soon!
  • We are very proud of the artistry that all the students have done!
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SPD News

This has been the last week in the 2nd trimester for 6th grade, 3rd grade, and Kindergarten SPD classes. We have accomplished so much in this trimester!

The kindergarteners have become experienced hula hoopers and jump ropers!

3rd graders just finished a unit on muscles and bones. They brought home their skeletons yesterday. They had so much fun working on these!
6th grade has been working feverishly on their final test/project grade which is the Create a Game project. Students had so many great ideas! I love to see their minds working in creative ways!

Library News

In library classes this week, we have been taking the AdvancEd survey and working to finish our AR goals. Today was the last day to hit our AR goals for the 2nd trimester.


More Coding Fun

Think about things in your everyday life that use computer science: a cell phone, a microwave, a computer, a traffic light - all of these things needed a computer scientist to help build them.

Now you, too, can become a computer programmer! Visit Play Lab at to start!

Create a story or make a game with Play Lab! Make animals, pirates, zombies, ninjas, and many more characters move, make sounds, score points, and even throw fireballs!

Ages 4-104 | Modern browsers, smartphones, tablets. (More than 2,027,946 participants)

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