RAVEN Weekly News

Black Rock High School - September 25, 2021

New Bulletin Format

This year our school bulletin will be digital. The links will be available online on the school's website and Facebook page. Homeroom teachers will share the bulletin with you weekly. We also intend to post one copy in the office. If you have items for Raven Weekly News, please contact Mrs. Seacat at jennifer.sands@morongo.k12.ca.us or Mrs. Kelley at jolie.kelley@morongo.k12.ca.us.



Welcome back!

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT - We will be hosting a Back to School Night on Thursday, September 2nd from 5:00 - 6:00 PM. Students you will earn .1 of SERVICE for attending. If your parent attends, you earn another .1 in SERVICE. You will also have an opportunity to do a student survey (another .1) and your parent gets to do one too (another .1). Quick math: .1 + .1 + .1 + .1 = .4 * You can earn up to .4 in SERVICE for attending Back to School Night and doing school surveys!

COVID/SAFETY - As a reminder, everyone on campus must have their masks on over their nose and mouth while inside. Additionally, everyone should use the hand sanitizer by the door of each room as they enter and/or exit.

CREDIT BOARDS - Students, your HOMEROOMS will have credit boards displayed shortly (some already have them up). You want to check and update your credit board regularly to see how many credits you're earning and to pace yourselves.

CREDIT SLIPS & REPORT CARDS - Students everyone has their own digital Credit Slip Google Doc that has been shared with you so you can see it online. To access your CREDIT SLIP document, go to Google Drive and find "Shared with Me" on the left hand side of the screen. You will also find a copy of your REPORT CARD there. This shared document is where teachers record the credits you earn, so be on top of it and make sure all your credits show up. RECOMMENDATION: Check your Credit Slips at least twice a week and update your PLAN FOLDER.

ID CARDS - All students and staff will need ID cards. Mrs. Seacat will be going into each homeroom to take pictures this week.

LUNCH SIGN-UPS - Remember that you have to sign up for a classroom for lunch. You can go outside to eat, but if you are inside the building you must eat in your assigned room. You will find white sign-ups outside the door of classrooms.

PLAN FOLDERS - Students please make sure you have filled out your Plan Folder (Pink) and Calendar. You will want to have all assignments for the entire six weeks recorded. Your total of assignments should be equal or greater than your credit goal. So, if you need 15 credits, all your work needs to total at least 15! Make sure you get signatures from every teacher. When it's complete with signatures, show it to your homeroom teacher for .3 credits of GUIDANCE.

REMIND.COM - Make sure you sign up for Remind.com messaging app. Mrs. Seacat, Mrs. Luckino, and Mrs. Kelley already use it. You can earn .1 for each sign up. So make sure you join all three classes. You are sending a text ... Just use 81010 instead of a phone number and then send the CODES (see below) in the text message. ONE TEXT MESSAGE for each person:

  • For Mrs. Seacat, send @jseac as a text message.
  • For Mrs. Luckino, send @mrslbrhs as a text message.
  • For Mrs. Kelley, send @jkBRHS as a text message.
  • It only takes a minute or two to do and you will earn .1 of GUIDANCE for Mrs. Seacat and Mrs. Kelley and .1 for Social Science for Mrs. Luckino (if you have her). Ask any teacher for help if you're having trouble signing up.

SCHEDULES - Mrs. Lee Briggs, our counselor, has asked that everyone be patient as schedules adjust and class size balance. The school is working to transition from one information system to another and there are glitches, so it's taking a bit of time to make sure everything is correct. Mrs. Lee-Briggs is working through her list of changes but it takes some time.

SPIRIT DAYS - At BRHS, we have Spirit Days every FRIDAY. Homerooms or classes often have special assignments those days to parallel the topic. When we don't have a special theme, such as Tacky Tourist, Patriot Day, or Breast Cancer Awareness the default will be school colors. HOMEROOM teachers will check your school spirit on Friday in Homeroom. You earn .1 in SERVICE or ELECTIVE (if you don't need Service). See the list below (subject to change):

  • This Friday - August 27 - School Colors (Red, Black, or Silver)
  • 9/3 - Tacky Tourist in celebration for Labor Day
  • 9/10 - Patriot Day - Red, White, and Blue
  • 9/17 - School Colors
  • 9/24 - School Colors
  • 10/1 - School Colors
  • 10/8 - Breast Cancer Awareness - Pink

STAR TESTING FOR READING AND MATH - The entire school will need to complete STAR 360 tests in Reading and Math. The reading tests will be done through English classes on August 31st and September 1st. Math will be the following week. This said, the district is having some computer glitches and we may have to adjust the dates. The good news is that students will earn English and/or Math credit for taking these assessments. Students earn .3 for each of the tests if they try their best.

YEARBOOK CLUB - Mrs. Kelley is the Yearbook Advisor and she's looking for 10-12 students who would like to participate in the club. The club will meet after school once every other Thursday (until the first bus arrives) to discuss assignments, layouts, duties, ideas, themes, etc. Yearbook students will be given the responsibility to take pictures around campus, during events, and on Spirit Days (need a couple people good with a camera). If you are interested, see Mrs. Kelley in P-5 or when she's on campus. Students can also email her at jolie_kelley@morongo.k12.ca.us.


  • 8/31 - 9/1, Tues/Wed, STAR 360 Reading Tests (in English Classes)
  • 9/2, Thursday, BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT from 5:00 to 6:00 PM
  • 9/6, Monday, LABOR DAY Holiday, No School
  • 9/10, Friday, Patriot Day Spirit Day (Wear Red, White, and Blue)
  • 9/15, Wednesday, MINIMUM DAY, Late Start, 9:45 AM to 1:01 PM
  • 10/15, Friday, Guarantee By Day - Turn in big projects early to get onto CC1
  • 10/20, Wednesday, MINIMUM DAY, Late Start, 9:45 AM to 1:01 PM
  • 10/22, Friday, End of Credit Check 1


BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT - Teachers our hours for Back to School Night are 4:30 to 6:00 PM to allow for set up and organization. Students and families will attend from 5:00 - 6:00 PM.

CLUBS & COMMITTEES - Mrs. Seacat would like for the staff to consider offering clubs or other activities during the school year. Some will only meet a few times a year, but others may be ongoing. Please speak with Mrs. Seacat if you have something you are interested in doing. The staff can discuss how this will look/work at a future staff meeting. For sure, these are the current/planned clubs and committees:

  • WASC Student Committee Ms. Alexander
  • GATE (will likely be pull out) Mrs. Kelley
  • Yearbook Mrs. Kelley
  • Site Based Management Committee (Students) Mrs. Seacat
  • PROM Committee Mrs. Seacat

PFDV - Just a reminder that teachers/staff have mandated PFDV videos and tests to complete. If you haven't finished them, please schedule some time to do so.

Remind.com - Staff you can also sign up for Mrs. Seacat's remind.com account to get notifications.

WASC - Mrs. Kelley will be working all next week on updating the WASC document. Please note we are not sure on some of the intricacies of online WASC accreditation, but information will be shared as we get it. However, there are a couple things you can do to get ready:

  • While setting up your classroom, consider 'branding' it using the school mascot (Raven) and the GLO's (Graduate Learner Outcomes), RAVEN traits (Respect, Attending, Versatile, Empathetic, Noble), and school colors (black, red, and silver). The WASC visit will be online but they will likely want to see your room either as a Zoom backdrop, in pictures forms, etc.
  • Give out RAVEN or GLO slips to students who have earned them to start the data rolling in.
  • Collect samples of student work that emphasize rigor, collaboration, project-based learning, and higher level thinking. Look for vitality and creativity along with rigor to decide what to share.
  • Make sure Plan Folders are done well and that students can articulate their goals, how they use their plan folders (daily), and how the credit earning process works. WASC visitors will likely ask students questions about how the partial credit system works, how they keep track of credits, and they will definitely hit the plan folders hard.
  • Make sure students know how to access their report cards and credit slips online and that they can explain that to the WASC committee if asked.

Black Rock High School

Mrs. Jennifer Seacat, Principal

Mrs. April Taylor, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Christi Cross, Registrar

Ms. Julie Alexander, Special Education

Mr. James DEan, Science

Mr. Angel Gomez, Art

Ms. Spencer Graham, MTSS

Mrs. Jolie Kelley, Newsletter Editor/Intervention

Mr. Raphael Krasnow, English

Mrs. Janet Larson, Math

Mrs. Lisa Lee-Briggs, Counselor

Mrs. Shannon Luckino, Social Science

Ms. Hanna Mohn, Social Science

Mr. Jason Peck, Woodshop

Mrs. Jamie Scharns, English