SSDP Association

Term 1 Meeting Minutes

Teacher Accreditation - Wendy Winton

Changes to accreditation

  • NSW Teaching Standards now known as National Standards for Teachers
  • NSW Institute of Teachers to be re-badged in near future
  • No teacher starting the accreditation process is to use the NSW Teaching Standards although some who are completing the process might be using them still
  • New standards have brought new terminology but there is a definite relatiosnship between the old standards and new ones
  • BOSTSES has taken over from BOS and NSW Institute
  • BOSTES is the authority for teacher quality, curriculum and student assessment
  • Wendy will forward links to Accreditation Procedures by DEC
  • Principals no longer complete T1 report - supervising teacher completes reports. Principal signs completed report before submitting it
  • 20 pages of douments maximum as part of evidence to be emailed as a PF file relevant Admin Officer - Sylvia Masri Ph: 9582 6349
  • Annotations to ensure they can demonstrate understanding and use of the standards
  • Now full-time employees have 2 years to complete the process instead of 1 year
  • Casual/Temporary employees have 5 years based on 180 days of employment - need to have blocks of work during this period
  • During NST first year of employment 2 hours per week release is required to support teachers completing the process. They are to be given 1 our per week in their second year to further develop them
  • Casual staff are to get access to professional learning time to complete the acreditation process but no TPL funds attached to them
  • Teachers' portfolios must address all elements in Standard 6and at least 1 element in each of the other standards

Accreditation at higher levels

  • Two and a half hour workshops being offered through Miranda Office on 20th and 24th March. One for teachers seeking accreditation at Proficient level and the other for Supervisors/Mentors for those teachers
  • To be advetised through School Biz as well
  • For staff who want to remain in the classroom, they can complete accreditation at a higher level which will qualify them for an additional pay scale
  • Teachers must be actually teaching classes to be eligible to be accredited at higher levels
  • Accreditation not linked to school-based positions
  • Teachers want to be accredited at higher levels must address all stand (approx 37) over a 3 year period otherwise they won't get approved
  • At Lead level the teacher must complete a 6 month project to demonstrate standards
  • no accreditation process for Principal Standards

Wendy has shared her presentation with all Deputies in the association

Menai High School Learning Plans - Raelene Allen and Ekbal Sayed-Rich

  • Raelene and Ekbal presented their school's Personal Learning Plans and Exit Outcomes
  • There was a Powerpoint presentation and handouts of slides
  • They talked about how the school was changing culture to develop individualised plans for all students based on what type of students the school wanted to produce
  • The process for developing these plans and procedures was inclusive of staff, students and parents
  • Their work is based on current research by Hattie using feedback and self-evaluation tools
  • Every member of staff is given a group of students with whom they meet to discuss their individual plans and progress towards goals

Transition to Principal - Mark Noonan

  • Mark persented his journey and experiences in getting to his current Principal's position
  • Going from Deputy Principal where he had to know everything and be able to do everything to now just knowing everything
  • In getting the job done you have to know the WHY
  • it's no longer just about what you've done - it's about why you do what you do
  • Mark's leadership is influenced by Simon Sinek's Golden Circles - Why - How - What
  • Keeping up to date with professonal readings - current educational research that influences the way we lead
  • Clarify beliefs around effective leaderships - simply put, your ability to influence people not just focusing on what you have done
  • Mark has shared his presentaton with all Deputies in the association

General Business

  • Thanks to Gymea Tradies for providing our meeting venue free of charge
  • Mardi Benson shared a flyer from interrelate called 'RAGE' which is an anger management course for adolescents
  • Thank you to Wendy, Raelene, Ekbal and Mark for their prsentations
  • Next meeting will be held on Friday 13 June