Armada Critique

By Elliot M.


Zach Lightman is your average high school student. He has some anger problems, works at a mall, has two best friends and plays video games. These games involve shooting down aliens in giant robots. Ridiculous, right? But it all changes the day when Zach learns that those games he was playing were a little less fictional than he thought.

Character Description: Zach Lightman

Zach Lightman is a senior in high school who just wants to get out of high school and go to college.

He has anger problems, Is a bit hot-headed, doesn't work well with other people and just wants to get to the good part of life.

I connect with his people skills. I don't have the greatest people skills, and I can be a bit pushy.

Meaningful quote

"I’d spent my entire life overdosing on uncut escapism, willingly allowing fantasy to become my reality." - Zach Lightman, Armada

This quote is meaningful to Ernest cline's two most famous books; armada and ready player one because his books are on the line of reality and fantasy. These two books could both be possible, but it's highly unlikely.

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Favorite Moment:

My favorite moment of the book was when we found out that Zach's father was really alive. He was quite angry with his father, and the tension was thick. I needed to know what was going to be said. They ended up having an emotional argument, and in the end, they rekindled their relationship.

Alright, Now it's criticism time!


I don't think Zach's two best friends were fleshed out very well. I can't even remember their names as I write this. I understand that Zach had anger problems, but that's not excuse for basically curb stomping a kid in the middle of a school hallway. He also didn't redeem himself for it. Zach was uncharacteristic when he found his dad. His whole life he had just wanted to meet him, and when they met Zach was furious.

Final thoughts:

While Armada might be flawed, it's still a great read for 15+ readers and an emotionally captivating story. 8.5/10. Good job Ernest Cline.
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