Paleontology/ Anthropology


Is the study of fossil animals and plants to gather information about the history of the earth.


Is the study of human beings and their ancestors through time and space and in relation to physical character, environmental and social relations,and culture.

Jane Goodall

Goodall was born on April 3, 1934 in London, England.Since an early age Goodall has dreamed of traveling to Africa to see exotic animals in their natural habitat.In 1964 Goodall married Hugo Van Lawick after meeting in Africa when Van Lawick was sent to film Goodall at work.Together they have one kid named Hugo Eric Louis Van Lawick.They are not married today and Goodall is still living.

Scientific Biography - While watching chimpanzees Goodall discovered that they make their own tools after seeing a chimp use a stick that he stripped the leaves off of then stick it in a termite mound.Another important discovery was in Africa,and that was that she discovered that they hunt small mammals to eat, when people thought they only eat plants and fruit.Last discovery was that chimp life isn't always peaceful and sometimes female chimps will kill other chimps babies while in the same troop.This is called infanticide.

It is connected to anthropology because Goodall works on studying the environmental and social relations of the chimpanzees.

In the photo it shows Goodall interacting with one of her favorite animals a chimpanzee.


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Mary Leakey

Mary was born on February 6,1913 in London, England where she later married Louis Leakey.The couple soon became one of sciences best know husband-wife teams.She lived from 1913 to 1996.

Scientific Biography- She was best known for her excavations.She is best known for her work at Olduvai Gorge, especially her discovery of Zinnanthropus Man.Skull fossils found by the Leakeys helped understand human evolution.

It is connected to anthropology because she works on studying human beings and their ancestors throughout time.In the photo it shows her looking at a skull.


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Raymond Dart Virology

He was born in Queensland, Australia in 1893.He was the fifth of nine siblings.He won many prizes and scholarships while studying medical at Sydney.After graduation he did medical corps in World War.He would later become a biologists who has found many fossils.He later died in 1988.

Scientific Biography - In 1924 he found a skull of a child from blasted limestone and was convinced that he had made the early human find of the century.The Leakeys built their work of fossil hunting off of Darts work and findings.It is connected to both paleontology and and paleontology because they study fossils that helped understand human beings and ancestors though time.In the picture it shows him examining a skull.


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