Getting The Gang Together

Why are we doing this?

My mom had an idea to get my gang together. I then started searching places for us to go to. Then had to find a date and time. The only problem was how long the drive was, and that's why I asked you if you could sit in the car for an hour. In case we would have to stay in a car for a very long time or had to weight for a very long time. Below are details for where we are going.

Sunday, May 19th, 12pm

145 Danbury Rd

New Milford, CT

The address above is for a bowling alley called: Lore's Lanes.

Drop off

Sunday, May 19th, 12pm

18 The Old Rd

Newtown, CT

If you get lost on the way to my house then please call so we can help you find your way ( use the number in the RSVP). My mom will bring you home, since we'll leave when we everyone decides that we are done.


Besides telling Syd at school that you are coming, please call: (203)364-0657. Or email Hope to hear from you soon