My Disability Project

By: Lily



My disability is deaf/hard of hearing. The definition of deaf is - not able to hear.


Some causes for deafness are very loud noises, infections, injury, or just as you grow older.


The symptoms of deafness/hard of hearing are that you can't hear very well or sometimes not at all. It may be hard to hear and over time you can become permanently deaf.


Hearing aids help people who are deaf. If it is by blockage of earwax you can get drops to clear it out.

For a perforated ear drum, surgery can be done to help the hearing bones.

Why I Chose this Disability

I chose this disability because, I thought it would be cool to research.

5 Intresting Facts that I Learned

1. I learned that someone can become totally deaf.

2. About 60% of males have hearing loss.

3. Another fact is that you become deaf by not cleaning out your ears.

4. An interesting fact I learned is that the ear has bones.

5. About 65% of people that are not retired have hearing loss.

Book or Movie Character with this Disability

Marlee Matlin was a deaf actress. She played in "Children of a lesser God", The Player", Hear No Evil and etc....
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Famous People with this Disability

Thomas Edison was deaf ( inventor of the light bulb, movie camera, phonograph, and more.) Beethoven was also deaf ( he was famous for his music.) Helen Keller was famous for becoming the most disabled person in the world. She was blind and deaf.

Suggestions on how you could help a person with this disability

You can help a person by learning sign language. You could teach them sign language.You can also do body language.