Vote for Stalin

He Will Lead Us To Victory

Stalin's Qualities

Stalin has the heart of a teddy bear, and he is also as wise as a turtle. Despite his comfy and mellow attitude, he is very proficient with military and politics. He might have had a rough life growing up, but he'll make sure that love will be spread all over Russia.
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Stalin Wants You!

Yes, he wants YOU to participate in his military, fight for our land, and fight for our beliefs! Serve our country now!

Stalin Has Respect For The People

Stalin loves his country, and will fight for his people until his last breath. He will give his people the best services they can have in exchange for good work ethic! Stalin would put himself on the line before he would let his people get hurt.
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See You At The Election!


Send this flyer to your friends, your family! Make sure to spread the word of the man of the century!