Genetically modified organism (by Adina)

What is a GMO?

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism, also is also known as GMM ( Genetically Modified Micro-organism ) or GE ( Genetically Engineered). Its made when scientist take a gene from one organism and put it in another organism for a reason. A reason would be to make a plant survive in the cold. They would take another organisms DNA (Deoxyibonucleic Acid) to make the plant have the same ability which in this case would be to survive in the cold. GMO have been in the processed foods we eat without us knowing. There would no label that would say May contain GMOs because it's not necessary, but the labels can say GMO free. GMOs don't take place naturally, they are added. Some might say GMO help and others might disagree with that statement.

Studies and Science of GMOs

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GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) contain DNA (Deoxyibonucleic Acid) from species that cannot reproduce naturally in nature. There could be fish DNA found in bell pepper. Now because of GMOs the seeds have become super-weed and are resistance to herbicides and pesticides. They are also designed to produce their own pesticides. Now because the seeds are becoming super-weed, the same thing is happening with the surroundings. What it means is that plants and insects are becoming resistance to GMO producing with chemicals. This could result is less of biodiversity because we are changing the species into something that nature never produced and that may be a threat to nature. There is not enough research on GMOs yet that proves if it's harmful to our bodies. There are countries that have forbidden GMO production because it is yet to be confirmed safe. Nearly 90% of the crops that have been grown in the United States are Genetically Modified.
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Advantages and Disadvantages

Everything has it's positive side and negative just like GMOs. Here are some positive sides of GMOs. Now because of GMOs there is less starvation in our world because the prices are lower which helps the families who can't afford to buy food for their everyday living. It has provided some farmers big profits using less resources which saves them money. Also now that the GMOs repel pest because there designed like that, which does restrain need for pesticides and does help save money. They could offer us more flavor and nutrition. These statements may put a smile on your face, but there are the negative sides.
Now that you've learned the positive sides, it's time for the negative. Now GMOs aren't natural which may possess a threat to the environment and it's species. Now because of that we may have a lack of biodiversity and we don't want that. Some scientist doing their research have claimed it may be illnesses to us . GMOs could be dangerous to some of the insects who aren't deadly to the crops and are important to our ecosystem. The super-weed will be hard to kill and might over populate.Some farmers lose their jobs because of GMOs. This may help you decide what you think about GMOs.
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The Truth

There are over 20,000 foods in grocery stores that contain GMOs because of what they contain. Most people don't even know there foods have GMOs because the foods don't have labels saying GMO food. They do have food that have labels saying GMO free. Most people don't know what GMOs are, but the people who know most of them want it labelled so the could chose knowing the truth. The people who are vegetarian, it affects them because when it's not labelled it may contain something that'a against their believes and they wouldn't know. This is the truth and it needs to be heard and also peoples opinions.