Raleigh Hills Newsletter

October 25, 2019

Weekly Message

Dear Raleigh Hills Families and Community,

In this newsletter, we want to share with you gratitude, celebrations of learning, and announcements.

One of the foundations of our writers' workshop model is that students have opportunities to write for different audiences. In previous editions of this newsletter, we have shared the Middle School Black and Red online newspaper. We are working on collecting students' writing from all grade levels and will have these available in The Coffee Shop. In this newsletter, two fifth graders have shared their reflections about their trip to OMSI. The picture of Mrs. Holte and her student shows how sharing writing in class is an important component of our writing program.

The announcements section is loaded with information about the Harvest Parties, Conferences, the Options Program, the Book Fair, District and School Report Cards, and PTO opportunities.

Warm regards,

Jennifer and Lindsay


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PTO Track Committee

We are so grateful to the PTO track committee for our new and beautiful track! Huge thank you to Kelly Peele and the RHS Track Committee for all their work to make this come together. Our students are continuing to enjoy walking and running around the track during their recesses.
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Thank You to Our Middle School Advisory Team

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Garden Clean Up: Thanks to PTO Volunteers, Leslie and Carol, for cleaning up this outdoor learning space

Check out Mr. Le's class enjoying the garden on their way out to study leaves!
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Celebrating RH Student Learning

5th Grade's Trip to OMSI on October 17th

My Field Trip To OMSI

It was about 9:15 and we were lining up to get on the bus. On the bus I sat by Stella N. While on the bus people sang songs. Once there, we headed straight for the planetarium. The planetarium showed a bunch of constellations, the planets Jupiter and Saturn, and some single stars like The North Star.

After the planetarium we went to the turbine room. In the turbine room there were these brain games in the middle of the room. There were these water powered rockets that shot up a plastic tube. Within reach there were these pipes that played music when you stepped on it, also there was this box that had buttons on it. Those buttons changed the lights and sound.

There was this other room that had this plastic tube had some type of lightning. Once you put your hand on it, the heat from your hand would attract the lightning, and it would latch on. After we got off the bus, we went straight into reading. It was my first time, and it was an amazing trip to OMSI.

Written by Violet

OMSI Fieldtrip

When we arrived at OMSI, we immediately went to the planetarium. The guy was telling us about galaxies, constellations, stars, and more. After that, we began exploring the building. We went to the downstairs area, where most of the activities were. There were brain teasers, play areas, and a science room. Next, we had lunch. After we finished our lunches and all the groups gathered together, we went upstairs. There were a bunch of fossils of animals, like dire wolves, smilodons, mammoths, and a few more. Then, we got on the bus and went back to school. Looking at the fossils was my favorite part of the whole trip.

Written by Paige

Mrs. Holte's Students Sharing their Writing

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Harvest Parties

When: October 31 between 2:15-3:00 for Elementary (please check with individual classroom teachers because this may vary slightly) and 2:15-3:00 for Middle School

Where: Elementary parties are in the classrooms and Middle School party is in the cafeteria

How: No costumes and PTO volunteers have prepared fun activities for each class. Students who do not wish to participate in the activities have the option of the technology space.

Who: Parent volunteers do not need a background check to attend the parties but do need to sign in at the office.

Volunteers and visitors, please may come to the office, and we will have a table set up for you to sign in and get a volunteer sticker.

Also, please do not park in the upper parking lot. You will be blocked in by buses. Also, please do not park in the apartment parking lots. If the lower lot is full, parking on neighborhood streets may be an option.


Conference links for signing up for classroom spots went live on Monday. We're looking forward to meeting with families and talking about students' progress this year. If you haven't already signed up, please contact the teacher directly for the Sign Up Genius link. If you need help, please contact the main office.

--Wednesday, November 6th (4:00-8:00pm)

--Thursday, November 7th (8:00-8:00pm)


Options Program

The application window for the District’s full day options programs & schools is now open. The application window closes Friday, December 6, 2019 at 4pm. To learn more about full day, partial day and revolving options programs in the District, visit the Learning Options webpage. We also have a calendar of open houses on the full day options program webpage.

Application are available here.

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Book Fair

Book Fair is coming up

November 12-15 in the library. Students will visit the fair during library specials or scheduled times during the week. All families are welcome after school to visit the book fair. It's a fun event and a fundraiser for our library. Part of the sales go to buy books for the library. Book fair flyers will be coming home with dates and books that will be featured in the book fair.

Report Card

2018-19 School and District Report Cards

School and District report cards have been made public. By January 15, a copy of the state-provided school and school district performance reports shall be made available to the parent(s) or guardian(s) of each child enrolled in a public school by doing one or more of the following: (a) Mailing a copy; (b) Electronically sending a copy; or (c) Providing a link to a state or district web site containing the reports and also making copies available in local schools.

Here is the direct link to the ODE school and district report cards webpage where you can obtain electronic copies of the report cards to print or email (http://www.ode.state.or.us/data/reportcard/reports.aspx

Beaverton HS Holiday Bazaar - November 16

Enjoy the “Best of Beaverton” while supporting Beaverton High School and more than 150 local merchants, makers and artisans at the 18th annual Beaverton Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, November 16, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Beaverton High School Cafeteria, 13000 SW 2nd St., Beaverton.

PTO Opportunities

Even you can volunteer!

There are opportunities at all times of the day and week. Weekends we have programs such as bottle drive and garden. Evenings we have special events such as Bingo Nights, Carnival, Auction and Musical. All times of day we have Committee planning, event set up, and production projects. Even high school students seeking community service hours can volunteer! (Must do Student background check.)

Won't you join us?

Lisa Marquoit

Volunteer Coordinator, Raleigh Hills K-8