Submarine Invention

Not the first try, but the first successful try.

By: Bradley Threatt

The Submarine

-Cornelis Jacobszoon Drebbel was the creator of the first working submarine.

-THe Submarine solved underwater exploration problems and many other problems.

-The Submarine was created in 1620

-The Submarine was invented in England.

How did it work

-Their submarines used petrol or steam engines for surface cruising and electric motors for underwater travel.

-They also invented torpedoes which were propelled by small electric motors

-ornelis Jacobszoon Drebbel's Submarine was made out of wood.

Impact On Society

-The invention did not impact the every day person but it did have an affect on the Military.

-Before the Submarine was invented the military of other countries and ours would try and find a way not to be detected when wanting to sink a ship.

Is it still around?

-The Submarine is still around today.

-The Submarine has become faster stronger

and has better weapons than they did when they first made it.

-The Submarine can now be build to any size and shape the buyer wants.

How do the engines breathe in diesel submarines?

A diesel submarine is a very good example of a hybrid vehicle. Most diesel subs have two or more diesel engines. The diesels can run propellers or they can run generators that recharge a very large battery bank. They can also work in combination, one engine driving a propeller and the other driving a generator.

A type Submarine helped discover were the Titanic was and explore it.