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Weekly Update September 23, 2015

Holiday Hostess Exclusive

The new Holiday Hostess Exclusive is available from October 12- December 31. Your hostesses are going to LOVE it!
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October Customer Special

The October Business Program is focused on supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We have created the Courage Hope Strength Exclusive Jewelry Set just for you and your customers. 100% of the net profits from the Courage Hope Strength Set support Breast Cancer Awareness. Courage Hope Strength Exclusive Jewelry Set

SKU#: SP2011 (7 ¼” Teardrop Bangle)

SKU#: SP2012 (8 ¼” Teardrop Bangle)

Price: $75 US | $90 CAD

Retail Value: $86 US | $103 CAD

Wholesale: $50.40 US | $60.60 CAD

PV Earned: 50.40 US | 47.90 CAD

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New Thanksgiving Collection

Inspire an attitude of gratitude in others when you share what you’re most thankful for in your life! Start booking your Jewelry Bars right away to showcase our heartfelt thanksgiving-inspired jewelry which will help your customers tell stories of their most treasured memories and family traditions. These limited edition pieces are available to Designers today September 22 at noon (CDT), and to customers beginning October 1 at noon (CDT).
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2016 O2 Experience Registration

Registration is open for the 2016 O2 Registration! I don't know about you, but I can't wait!!! There are several new options available for registering this year.

Here are the registration details:

Hey Designers! We have made a few changes to improve registration for the 2016 O2 Experience! Please take a minute to review the new options and deadline chart prior to registration.

new! Transferable or Non-Transferable Ticket Option For 2016, we are offering two ticket prices. The first is for a transferable ticket. This ticket type is transferable to another active Designer from date of purchase until July 5, 2016. To transfer a ticket, the owner of the convention ticket will collect money from the purchasing Designer and then complete the Convention Transfer Request Form and submit to the Events Department to complete the name change. The second option is a non-transferable ticket. This ticket type allows only the original purchaser admission to convention. If that Designer is unable to attend, the ticket is void. There is a $50 savings for purchasing a non-transferable ticket. Origami Owl does not assist with the sale of any transferable tickets and will only accept Convention Transfer Request Forms through July 5, 2016. There are no refunds on any convention tickets.

new! Payment Plan Option Also new in 2016 is a payment plan option that allows for monthly installments to be paid toward the convention fee. If a Designer registers for convention from December 1, 2015- April 30, 2016 (after the early bird incentive gift option has passed) they have the option to select the payment plan. The initial amount due at time of registration is $50 USD/ $60 CAD, then $50 USD/ $60 CAD per month is owed until payment is finalized. At the first of each month, the Designer will receive a notice that another $50 payment is due. It isn’t an automatic draft. The Designer needs to log in and make/approve the payment each month. The full payment must be received by July 5, 2016. There will not be any refunds for partial payments or cancellations. new! New Designers Can Register for a Discounted Rate New Designers who join O2 leading up to convention will now have the opportunity to register at the early registration rate. For 60 days following their O2 activation, the new Designer will be able to purchase a $175 USD/ $210 CAD non-transferable or $225 USD/ $270 CAD transferable ticket to convention using a special code included in their business kit.

new! Two Guest Registration Types Guests are allowed to purchase tickets for the O2 Experience again this year! Guest tickets are great for potential sponsors, spouses or an assistant for guests that need mobility assistance. Guests must be 18 years or older, and they must NOT be a Designer, Co-applicant or Owlette. Guest registrations will be checked against the O2 database by our CG Support Team. Each Designer is allowed to bring one Guest. Since Guests usually do not want to attend all the sessions, there are two types of Guest tickets available: 1) Full Access Guest Tickets are $150 USD/ $180 CAD and allow your guest into the General Session, Workshops, the O2 Store and Opening/Closing Night Parties which includes Designer Recognition. 2) Party Access Guest Tickets are $100 USD/ $120 CAD, which will allow Guests to the Opening/Closing Night Parties and includes Designer Recognition. Guest tickets are non-transferable or refundable and will only be sold through July 5, 2016. O2 Experience 2016 Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL August 4-6, 2016

new! Stay at an O2 Host Hotel for a Chance to Win a Disney Cruise Vacation! There are lots of hotel choices in Orlando. However, Origami Owl has made it easy for Designers to enjoy their convention experience by staying at the hotels closest to the convention center at discounted rates! In Orlando, the O2 Experience will take place at the West Building of the Orange County Convention Center. There are four hotel options to choose from this year. Three of the hotels have a sky bridge connecting them to the convention center, and the other is still within walking distance but offers very kid-friendly amenities. All of the hotels will be filled with O2 Designers wanting to share their stories and connect with new faces! This year, we want to encourage Designers to book and stay at the O2 host hotels by offering a HUGE incentive. Origami Owl will be giving away 4 Disney Cruise Vacations for a family of four! One winner will be drawn from the list of Origami Owl Designers staying at each of the four O2 host hotels. So, if you book one hotel room for you and your family at the Hilton, you will be entered to win the Disney Cruise Vacation from the Hilton pool of Designers. If you book one room at the Hilton but have three Designers staying with you, simply put all four Designer names on the reservation and make sure each person checks in at the front desk. Then all four Designers will be entered to win the Disney Cruise Vacation! Only Designers who attended convention and are on the hotel rooming list will be entered into the drawings. Guests/Owlettes are not eligible. The winners will be drawn on the last day of convention after attendance is verified. If a Designer books more than one room in his/her name, or has rooms at multiple hotels, they will only be entered into the drawing once. A non-refundable first-night deposit is required at three of the O2 host hotels. Hotel rates range from $119 - $159 USD plus tax per night.

Early Registration Early registration for the O2 Experience will open on September 15 at 12:00 (CT) and continue through September 30, 2015. The early registration fee is $175 USD/ $210 CAD for a non-transferable ticket and $225 USD/ $270 CAD for a transferable ticket. The first 2,000 Designers registered will have the option to pick a Hoot Loot Hour for the O2 Store plus a $100 Classic Product Collection incentive gift. A Hoot Loot Hour is a designated early shopping time for the O2 Store that must be selected before checkout during the registration process. Any Guests, Owlettes, or Co-Applicants attending will automatically get the same Hoot loot Hour as their Designer. Once all of the Hoot Loot Hours have been filled, any Designer that buys an early registration ticket will still receive a $100 Classic Product Collection incentive gift. The payment plan option is not available for this registration period. Regular Registration with Gift There is a special time period from October 1 through November 30, 2015 where Designers who register for convention at the regular registration fee of $200 USD/ $240 CAD for a non-transferable ticket and $250 USD/ $300 CAD for a transferable ticket will receive an incentive gift—a $75 Classic Product Collection. The payment plan option is not available for this registration period. Regular Registration Designers who register for convention from December 1, 2015 through April 30, 2016 will pay $200 USD/ $240 CAD for a non-transferable ticket and $250 USD/ $300 CAD for a transferable ticket. The payment plan option is available for this registration period. The initial amount due at time of registration is $50 USD/ $60 CAD, then $50 USD/ $60 CAD per month is owed until payment is finalized.

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September Customer Special

This is still available for your customers through the end of September.

Free Customer Gift with Purchase*

Black, white and gorgeous! Beginning September 1, enchant your customers with this month’s Business Program. It’s the perfect way to boost your sales, encourage new Hostesses to schedule Jewelry Bars and drive traffic to your O2 personal website.

Your customers will receive a special treat FREE, valued at $54 USD | $64 CAD retail with a purchase of $85 USD | $99 CAD during the month of September:

  • Silver 32” Flat Oval Link Chain (CN5004, $22 USD | $26 CAD Retail)
  • White Enamel Twist Face (BZ4008, $16 USD | $19 CAD Retail)
  • Black Enamel Twist Face (BZ4011, $16 USD | $19 CAD Retail)

Help your customers reach $85 USD | $99 CAD retail to earn this amazing free gift with purchase!

  • Encourage customers to order a Locket Base, Lanyard Locket or a Watch Base. This Gift with Purchase helps complete their looks and add versatility – for free!
  • Get to know their story and recommend meaningful charms that will be close to their heart, or suggest our new Halloween Charms. Halloween pairs perfectly with this Gift with Purchase.
  • Remind them to order a Dangle (or two) to complete the look.

This Gift with Purchase is also the perfect reason to reach out to your loyal customers who love Halloween, are college sports fanatics, or who just purchased a Watch Base. And who doesn’t love getting something for free? Be sure to tell everyone about this month’s customer promotion.

*Locket Base not included. Substitutions may apply. Available on September 1, 2015 at noon (CDT) through 11:59 p.m. (CDT) on September 30. Customer gift will automatically be applied at checkout. PV is earned based on actual retail purchase amount, not on value of free gift with purchase. Gift with Purchase can be added to a Jewelry Bar by placing the order through the Designer Personal Website and adding the Jewelry Bar code at checkout. See the Gift with Purchase FAQs for additional information.

Take advantage of this exciting time to schedule Fall Jewelry Bars using the tools and resources below.

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Halloween Charms!

Remember these are limited editions and you don't want to miss out!

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Lead Pool

Do you all know how to qualify for the lead pool that the Nest pays out each quarter? By simply being consistent with your business and submitting $99 PV each month, you will be included in the payout. The last payout was over $60! Remember, it's just Free Money for being an active designer each month!

Who's Going to Cancun???

Earn points through our NEW My O2 Rewards and you or you and guest will be enjoying the sun in Cancun O2 Style! It only takes 40 Points to earn the trip for you or 50 Points to earn the trip for you and a guest! The period to earn the trip is from July 1 - December 31, 2015. How amazing is that??? Check out to learn more about the points system and please contact your mentor with any questions you might have! See you in Cancun!
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Charming Designers Facebook Page

I would love to have you all on our team Facebook page. If you are not a member of the Charming Designers page and would like to be, please send me a friend request on Facebook and a message requesting to join. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.

We Want to Support You!

I know that as the fall season ramps up, things can get really crazy both at home and in our O2 lives. Please know that you have a support system to help you. Make sure you know your up-line lineage because there is always someone willing to help you out!

Thank you so much,

Laura Ausbrooks

Executive Team Leader

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