Pony Tails

A National Hairstyle

Pony Tails-A Easy And Fast Hair Syle

A pony tail is a easy and pretty hair style. Before you start you need a brush a hair tie.First you would get a brush and brush your hair. Then take your brush and brush your hair back into a ''tail'' in the back of your head. finally your take a hair tie and loop it two or three times. After that sit down and relax or you can show it off while hanging with friends.

Pony Tails ; )

Pony Tails v.s Pigtails

Pony tails and pigtails are both forms of a hairstyles but have different charateristics. If you are wearing pigtails you will have two pony tails, one on each side if your head. on the other hand if someone is wearing a ponytail they would have one pony tail in the back side or high on top of their head. Ponytails and pigtails are both fairly easy but, it is easier to mess up pigtails. pony tails come in many different forms. However pigtails are only able to be in the sides. these where the ways that pony tails and pigtails are same and different
How to Make a Ponytail

What To Do?

Pony tails are easy, but fashionable. So If you wake up wondering what to do with your hair the put up a ponytail but make it your own.Putting your hair in a pony tail is the best solution. A pony tail is good for any occasion because you can make it your own. pony tail have the ability to look amazing.

A Perfect Pony Tail

If you use the right materials your pony tail will look perfect. The right materials are a brush, a hair tie,and any accessories. The brush will make sure the hair is pulled back neatly ,the hair tie will keep it up,and any accessories will add a little bit more color.pony tails need some certain materials to make it perfect.
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