Capital: Corenhage -by haley~westwood

Denmark's flag

The name of the Danish flag , meaning "the flag of the Danes" or thenred flag is first encoutered in danish text from 1478 and Dutch text from 100 years before that.
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The countrys that surround Denmark

Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Poland, Neatherlands.


the goverment is Constitutional monarchy.
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The main import or exports

machinery and main equipment, raw materials, chemical, grains and foodstuffs, and comsumer goods

The major languages

English, German, and Fench, Danish

The Religons

Christianity, Lutheran, Jewish, Muslim
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Foods in Denmark

Smorresbro is buttered rye bread, cold cuts, liver peite, fish spreads, leaks (smoked Salmon), frikadeller (danish meatballs), cheese, ect


Its mostly rainy, windy, and mostly around the 40's
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Compare and Contrast

the country's culture is the fact that denmark has more culture than the usa and it is colder in denmark

the web site i used are...

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