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And Nester said...Build Me an ARK

Many educators enter their profession dressed in armor ready to enter the battle field of the classroom with the desire to win the hearts and minds of our young children and change the world...one learner at a time. As the years pass by, for many that passion begins to wane. When faced with what appears to be a series of insurmountable challenges from all angles, our positive outlook turns to despair. For every positive piece of research, we are confronted with double the resistance from outside forces. How can we fight this battle? How can we win? Can we change the world?

I say you can! If brains can change...if IQ can improve...if habits can be broken...then victory is just over the horizon.


ARK cont...

This can apply in your personal life, it can apply to your interaction with your learners, it can even apply to you crossing paths with fellow educators. This time of the year, many become stressed and disillusioned. Together, we can make a difference.

Join me in taking up the challenge to build an ARK. If you can study those around you, see their needs, and take action...we just may have a chance at changing the world.

Along the way...why not do a little dance :)

Here is a resource that Miss O found...Thanks!


The Traveling Librarian

New “White List” Database – NetTrekker!

We now have access to a powerful web-curation database called NetTrekker. All content on NetTrekker is vetted, education-related, and constantly updated to provide the most current information from the web on curriculum-related topics. You can find periodical articles, ebooks, websites, images, videos and more. You can search for content by TEK, or by keyword. Items are sorted by elementary, middle school, and high school. Many of the feature s are read-aloud.

Here is a link to self-guided learning. Better yet, please invite me to one of your planning meetings and I can show you how to use this incredible resource. http://www.nettrekker.com/us/support/self-guided-learning .

I have a link on the Wilson Destiny Symbaloo, complete with all database logins and passwords. To access it, go to: http://destiny.coppellisd.com, click on Wilson, and you will see the Symbaloo.

Educators log in separately from learners because educators have additional access points, are able to build class portfolios, and lists of specific content to share with learners. Your login is your network login and password. http://school.nettrekker.com/ntw/coppellisd

Let me know if I can show you more about this fabulous resource!

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The Countdown Begins...

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