Vote For Thomas Jefferson

Because Hes One Of You


France has been our ally before our nation even existed, even though it is ruled by others now it would be foolish to abandon such a strong ally. Thomas Jefferson believes that this is in the best interests of the United States.

Army & Navy

Thomas Jefferson believes that we shouldn't have a strong army or navy, because we do not need it because we do not need to get involved in foreign conflicts and the money could go to better uses.

Alien & Sedition Acts

Thomas Jefferson believed that the alien & sedition acts were unnecessary and wrong. The alien & sedition acts silence any immigrant that speaks out against the government and makes them wait longer to become American citizens

State Government

It was believed by Jefferson that the state government should be more powerful than the national government. He believes this because if we have too powerful of a national government it will overrule the states and has a great potential of becoming a monarchy.

Common People Rule

It was very important to Jefferson that the common people rule instead of the rich. He thought that this was important because if we had the rich rule it would be based off of lineage and be practically a monarchy.


In conclusion Jefferson is trying to preserve what made this country founded and fight against anyone that believes in monarchy or silencing the people. This is why you should vote for Jefferson instead of Adams