Taylor Livingston



I don't do cool things often, but when I do they aren't cool to other people. I was born here in Utah. As a young'n I wasn't smart or athletic. I try not to look back because it involves a lot of cringing. One of my favorite pastimes is unknowingly eating family size bags of trail mix only realizing I've done so when my hand reaches in finding only regret. You'll often times find me backpacking or hiking in our mountains; I find the seclusion, nature, and lack of comfort soothing. I play baseball here at Murray, and I've done so going on four years now. Recently I joined the debate team, and it's basically exactly what you'd expect it to be. If anyone wants to argue with me now I always oblige them. I'm into working on cars and acting like I know what I'm doing. I thoroughly enjoy a nice cup of black coffee in the morning, because I find the bitterness similar to myself. I plan on attending Westminster after high school and double majoring in economics and software engineering.


1. Gnar
2. Someone in the style of out of style
3. Not giving a f and being on top of their game about it.
4. In skateboarding, fresh, or a trick with a lot of hype.

"Oh my Gosh Scott was throwing down some hesh style today"

"Check out that hesh gear he's got on, that's gnar"