Companion Animal - Pygmy Goats

Jonathan Scott

Pygmy Goat

Capra aegagrus hircus

  • Typically 22 inches tall at the withers
  • They come in a variety of colors, but mostly brown, black, grey, and white, or even a mix of colors.
  • They can grow beards, and hair can be cut short or stay long
  • Typically 30-40 pounds

Eating Requirements:

Most pygmy goats are kept outdoors where they can roam freely and search for their own food. If they do eat out of a feeding bucket, they will most likely just leave most of it on the ground... once they trample it, they don't want it. Food can be grass, plants, and grains


  • Need to be groomed regularly to prevent some health issues
  • Trim hooves with a hoof trimmer (Every 6-8 weeks)
  • Can get foot rot of not properly taken care of
  • Check for bumps when grooming, it could be a wound/parasitical skin infection
  • Clip hair during summer to cool the goat off
  • Goats are very active
  • It is recommended to get 2 pygmy goats so that they have someone to play with
  • Goats need a lot of space
  • A grassy pasture is best
  • Goats are not good inside pets