Susan Gorrell's work with Tier 3 Students


I will teach the phonics the students missed on their DIBELS Deep in order to raise their accuracy on their DIBELS MOY (Middle of Year) by 10%. I use visual pictures and gestures according to WIDA 's scaffolding of learning.

READ with Expression READ with Fluency READ to build Vocabulary

We will read real fictional and informational texts to practice expression, to build vocabulary, and grow in fluency in order to understand what we read. I use the PLUSS model of Pre-teach vocabulary, Language modeling and practice, Use visuals and graphic organizers, Systematic and explicit instruction and Strategic use of native language.

Practice Oral Retell

We will use a sentence frame to practice retelling. This story was about..... First,..... Next.... Then.... In the end....
This sentence frame is part of the WIDA's Can Do Descriptors.

Around the World Family Literacy Night

Thursday, Feb. 11th 2016 at 5:30pm

1001 West 84th Avenue

Denver, CO

I will help with our annual Family Literacy Night and Encourage parents and children to attend!
Epstein maintains that activities which involve children and parents in learning help the families to connect to the school and learn at home.