Canadian Internment Camps

By: Mackenzie


Have you ever wondered what happened to the people who were belived to have done something wrong or illegal during the time of World War I? They were sent to The Canadian Internment Camps.

About The Camps

The Canadian Internment Camps were like prison. The people who were interned lost almost all of their rights and their money, were treated like slaves, and were abused. If they were lucky enough to be released, they got some of their rights back but they weren't equal as the average citizen. One of the rights they lost was being able to leave Canada. Every few weeks they had to report to Canadian authorities so the Canadian Government knew they weren't trying to escape.

Almost all the people in the camps were immigrants. In just 24 camps there were: 5,000 Ukrainians, 2,009 Germans, 205 Turks and 99 Bulgarians. The longest people were held in the camps was 6 years (during World War I and two years after). In the end, 109 people died of sickness and injuries sustained in the camps, 6 were killed while trying to escape, and a few others committed suicide.

Jobs On Site

Some of the jobs they were forced to do were physical labor and sometimes they worked at sites related to the camps like farms. They got paid 20 cents an hour but had to pay a daily fee of 50 cents to stay on site over night. On the sites related to the camps, prisoners do stuff like planting seeds, hoeing the wheat and other things like that.