by kaitlyn cross & Austin Welling


Frances nickname is hexagon.

northern france

france is the capital of the most populous city in France.

france is where the government is located

lille is an industrial city and it has steel mills, chemical plants and textile industries.

southwest france

grapes used to produce french wine

bordeaux is known for making the best wines

southern france

a river runs through the mountains . its a mixture of flatter older peaks and newer sharper peaks.

the alps hindered movement between france and italy so they dug a tunnel under mont blanc uniting the two valleys

the mediterranean

the riviera attracts millions of tourists each year. its great for sunbathing and swimming.

cities:Cannes Nice and saint-tropez

port of marseille is the busiest seaport in france and the second most active in all of western europe

east france

rhine river is europes busiest waterway . it forms part of frances border with germany.

large deposits of iron ore. nearby coal is mined

frances history

france was known as gaul when the romans conquered in the first century of b.c.

one of the most famous conquorers of all time . he controlled holy roman empire that included most of western europe . set up an efficient governement. ]hugh capet became leader