Teeth Braces Side Effects

teeth braces side effects

Teeth Braces Side effects

If treatment is properly done and after treatment you have followed advise of doctor to wear retainer, then i would say no harm should be there.

Harmful Teeth Braces Side effects due to patient-

Food lodgement around your teeth can lead to cavities or gum problem

If any removable appliance given at time of treatment and you are not wearing it then desired result cannot be achieved and delay of treatment.

Not wearing retainer- will lead to relapse of treatment and in few cases it can be worse

Not following instructions duting treatment can lead to loosening of brackets and wire can lead to delaying of treatment and loss of xtraction space sometimes. Or loss of growth spurt time.

Harmful effect of doctor mistake

Not restoring occlusion - it can lead to improper chewing and headache

Not closing space properly- can lead to food impaction then to caries

Not giving proper overjet and overbite can lead to improper speech, esthetic and occlusion problem

Loose brackets can erode your enamel

List is very long above mentioned are common

The side effects are mentioned below-

Demands extra teeth cleaning-

The dental braces can easily trap the food you eat, so it requires extra teeth cleaning. And, if proper cleaning of teeth is not done, then it may lead to certain discomfort and rise in tooth and gum problem.

Intra-oral effects-

It causes bad effects inside the mouth as well. It affects the periodontium and soft tissues to a great extent.

Maintenance of retainer-

Some braces also involves removable appliances and retainers that needs to be maintained on regular basis.

Tooth root damage-

Having dental braces many a times lead to temporary damage in the root of tooth.