Game On!

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I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Congratulations to our POG Performers!

Thank you to Jacquie, Emily, Jessica, and Deidra for making this opportunity possible for our students.

Tis the season for a lot to be going on and a lot that is due before the holidays. In an effort to remain proactive and sane we will need to insist our students follow our rules with fidelity.

We are in the throws of observations. I am sure you have heard in your BT meetings that it is not required to have a preconference for your second observation. Please let us know if you would like to discuss your lesson prior to us coming in. Again, it is not required nor is it necessary on our part.

Student behavior seems a little off to me. Please reinforce our school rules with fidelity. I know that the children are excited about the holidays but we will do nothing but redirect if we don’t get a handle on this. Also, please send any student that does not comply to the office. We have got to turn this around. Please require your students to walk quietly in line, say yes ma’am and no ma’am, please, thank you, and most importantly be respectful to you. Please let us know if you need our support.

Thank you to those who have given to Untied Way. Combs is currently the front runner in participation and donations. Your generosity is so appreciated. Thank you Kelly, for leading a campaign that means so much to our district and our community.

Meetings don’t stop for me. I am at meeting at Centennial from 1:30-3:00 this afternoon, an all day Central Area Principals’ Meeting on Tuesday and a Magnet Principals’ meeting from 1-5:00 on Thursday.

Everyday of instruction matters. Thank you for planning such great learning activities for our students. Per our superintendent, no movies should be shown unless approved by an administrator and we were reminded to remind you to examine the quality of work you are asking students to complete. I know this is not a problem at Combs—just a reminder from the district.

Please make sure before the holidays that data notebooks are updated and that scoreboards are visible for students and visitors. Thank you!

We are still collecting a love offering for Lisa Smith. Please see Kelly if you would like to make a donation. We would like to give Lisa this gift by Friday if possible.

Please keep us in the loop if you are concerned about a child’s behavior or academic performance. If you are corresponding with a parent about their child, please let us know so we can be more supportive. It is also a good idea to copy an administrator on the correspondence you are sending before it goes home.

All monies need to be in to Susan by 3:00. Again, no money should remain in a classroom overnight per WCPSS policy.

Angel tree donations are due on the 10th. Thank you to those who are donating to a family.

Please remember that when leaving for all field trips you should stop by the office to pick up your stickers, parent check out forms, and medications. This should be done on your way out as some medications require tight security and should be kept under lock and key as long as possible.

Please take this time to review and make note of any health plans that accompany your students.

Use this checklist sent by WCPSS to make sure classrooms are ready for the upcoming holiday break.

Upcoming Events


December 7

  • Magnet Tour (9:30)

December 8

  • Central Area Principals' Meeting

December 9

  • BT Meeting
  • Walk Through Meeting with Lighthouse Team (3:30)
  • Cultural Arts Assembly

December 10

  • Magnet Principals' Meeting
  • School Wide Spelling Bee

December 11

  • Fourth Grade Gem Mining
  • IRT Meeting

NEXT WEEK (Science Week)

December 14

  • Dr. Manzo on campus

December 15

  • Winter Chorus Concert (6:30)
  • MTSS Meeting (8:00)

December 16

  • Happy birthday, Kayla!
  • Magnet Tour (9:30)

December 17

  • Movie Field Trip

December 18

  • Winter Concert
  • Early Release
  • Happy Holidays!

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