Andy warhol

Creator of the "Pop Art"

Who was Andy Warhol?

Andy Warhol, real name of Andrew Warhola, was born in Pennsylvania, and died in New York when he was 58 years old. He was a successful pop artist; including performance art and film making.

More about Andy warhol

He was born in August 6th, 1928 and died in February 22nd, 1987.
Most famous art he created was “Campbell’s Soup Can”. It have Element of Art of “Implied texture” because the surface looks as smooth as a can bottle. It has Principle of Art “Correct Proportion” because everything is at correct place.

Work of Art of Andy warhol

How did Andy Warhol Created the "Pop Art"?

He graduated from collage of fine art in 1949, and became successful commercial artist. On 1950s, he became more interested in painting, and made the concept of the “POP ART” in 1960s, paintings that focused on mass-produced commercial goods.