Diocese of Las Vegas

October 12, 2015 - Volume 1 - Issue No. 7

This Week ....

Having just returned from our regional Curriculum Committee Meetings, I was asked to do a little advertising for our colleagues in San Diego ..... This year's NCEA Convention & Expo will be hosted by the Diocese of San Diego (March 29-31st). If you are considering attending, please know that Title IIA funds can be utilized (it is my understanding that Title IIA will cover 85% of the costs). The video link included below is a message from San Diego's amazing Superintendent, John Galvan! For all information pertaining to this year's convention, please visit: http://ncea.org/convention/convention-and-expo

Calling all book-lovers! The Vegas Valley Book Festival returns this Thursday through Sunday ... The Festival is marking its 14th year with a variety of activities and interests for readers of all ages!

Have a terrific week!

- Cathy

Catherine Thompson


Join us for NCEA 2016 in San Diego!

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Innovation Is About A Way Of Thinking

This tweet from Edutopia was shared over and over again through social networks yesterday, because of the power of the idea (see the following link):


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With over 300,000 teacher resources, Share My Lesson provides space for educators to share free K-12 learning materials, including activities, links, and lesson plans. Discover how you can upload or download resources on a number of subjects for students at any grade!



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