Team ESCP Europe-Gawad Kalinga 2016

IMPORTANT UPDATES and Workshop next week

Dear 2016 Team, here are important reminders and next steps!

Please read the below carefully and ensure that you can complete the 'to dos' as soon as possible!
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For your flights, please note that we ask you to book your flights at as soon as possible now to make the most of good deals and the latest by the 10th May. After this period, we have seen huge spikes in flight prices due to the summer holiday booking season.

It is to your advantage and we encourage you to decide on your flights!

To explore flights through our partners at STA Travel, you can contact Catherine at:

Note: In the subject line please indicate GK-ESCP and copy me into communications.

Important for travelling TO Manila:


Please consider this as overnight flights will arrive the next day. So in this case you would book a flight that leaves Sunday and arrives in Manila on Monday. This will ensure cost-effectiveness of transport for the team and safety.

Important for travelling FROM Manila:

The programme officially ends on Saturday, 23rd July. You are flexible to book your flight leaving from Manila on the same day. It is up to you if you would like to extend your stay in the Philippines for holidays, as have students in the past. However, it is important that before you enter the Philippines you have a return/onward ticket!


Ensure to check you visa status for the Philippines. Most nationalities will not require a visa, however please check your requirements with the Philippine Embassy. We are able to provide invitation letters for the application. And best is to initiate this now.


1. Thank you to everyone for completing to Personal Details Form and deposit (exception where we encountered a banking admin issue).

2. Please note that the remaining 50% of the Project fee of GBP £305 (Euro 385.00) are expected to be paid to the Gawad Kalinga HelloAsso Funding Platform, to avoid banking chargers for you. We ask you to pay this by 1st June, 2016 latest.

3. For your reference and a reminder on the costs, please see the initial Information Brochure that was sent to everyone that gives an overview to the Mission and details of the related expenses.


Please note that you require basic travel insurance, as with any trip and we will ask you to confirm and send us your insurance policy by 1st June. You can also explore insurances with Catherine from STA.


Kick off your team's fundraising page that you can find at this Link: ESCP My Donate


This is your site to convince friends, families and wider network to invest in your social impact mission and support your team to managing the costs were needed. It will all be pooled together. Note that the stated target amount is to guide you. For the benefit of the team, going beyond the target would be a great achievement!


For general Health and vaccination, more information will be sent out. However, for the Philippines generally and the province were you will be travelling, there is no mandatory vaccine by the World Health Organisation. However, we do strongly advise you to update your routine vaccinations were needed. And to explore travel vaccinations at your own discretion. Information can be found at any Travel Clinic in London and at some Boots Pharmacy Outlets.

TEAM - Facebook Page

We now have the complete team and are satisfied that we have the strongest team possible to join us on the social impact mission this summer. Please add yourself to our Facebook Page "Team ESCP Europe-GK 2016"


Please take note of the below two workshop dates that are essential to prepare you for the mission. With the first workshop next week!


Please do not hesitate to connect Vanezza for any queries!

"Workshop Field 1.0" - ESCP Europe Business School - Room G50

Thursday, May 12th, 4-6:30pm

527 Finchley Road


We will be focusing on a recap of GK, an introduction to the Philippines, updates to your social impact mission. Overall travel coordination will be explained and confirmed. It is also your opportunity to ask questions!

"Workshop Field 2.0"- ESCP Europe Business School - Room G50

Tuesday, June 21st, 4-6:30pm

527 Finchley Road


The second workshop will be concentrating on providing you with the tools to have a social impact in the field, through the human centred design thinking approach. During the workshop you will be able to practice the design thinking process! And we we will discuss the final preparations for your social impact mission.

Connect with us!

For any questions, please get in touch with our team at:

For all communications please write ESCP Europe 2016 in the 'subject field'.

See you at the first workshop and we look forward to welcoming you to the Philippines!

Your GK Europe Team