5th Grade ISLQatar Update

April 6th - 10th


This week the students have been busy with the research phase of the Exhibition. The groups made a list of what they need to research and where they will find information for their research questions. This has helped them to keep track of who is responsible and what needs to be accomplished. Groups have been collecting and recording information through a variety of sources.

Please encourage your child over the break to continue researching for information. They can also use our library resource page on the school wikispace (http://gr5islqatar.wikispaces.com/Library). In particular we would like them to look at the 'how to do research' webpage. This is a step by step approach which loads the students with useful tips to help them with researching.


We have continued learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. We looked at ordering decimals, adding and subtracting decimals and changing decimals into mixed number and improper fractions. We have also recapped what has been covered so far. This unit will finish after the holidays and an assessment will be done to test each students understanding and progress.

Important Reminders

Term 3 will begin on Sunday 27th April. Have a safe and enjoyable break!

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