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Counselors and Administrators Receive 504 Training by Lozano Smith

On Friday, November 17th Counselors and Administrators, and Directors converged at the conference room at the New Hartnell College in Soledad to learn more about new and updated 504 information, eligibility, legal updates impacting 504, and staff's role in developing and implementing an accommodation plan for eligible students at their site. The presentation was conducted by Erin Frazor from the Lozano and Smith Law Firm. Each group listened to presenters and they came prepared with questions to ask their presenter. Erin shared with us new laws that are currently in effect and those that will be coming soon. She elaborated that educators need to be knowledgeable of these updates and ensure their successful implementation of a 504. The presenter provided many scenarios with questions that were answered through an online poll. The presentation is to be continued as time did not allow for completion. We will be scheduling another time to finish the presentation and to introduce the implementation of a Student Study Team (SST).
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SEL Activities to Help Students Manage Anxiety and De-Stress

As an educator, you are in a unique position to provide stability and care to your students and their families. One of the best ways you can support students during these uncertain times is by teaching them ways to effectively manage and reduce stress. Just like adults, unmanaged stress in students can lead to anxiety, depression, irritability, poor concentration, aggression, physical illness, fatigue, and sleep disturbance. It can also increase tobacco, drug, and/or alcohol use.

Be a listening ear.

Encourage students to talk to you about their feelings and problems so you can work through any concerns they may have. Keep in mind that some students don’t have an adult at home whom they feel comfortable turning to in times of need. Also, many students were isolated from their normal environments, peer groups, relatives, etc., last year. It is going to take some time

for them to adjust to our “new normal.”

Why it works: We’ve all been through a lot during the pandemic, and an important way to help students process and work through their emotions, experiences, and problems is by listening. This is an important first step in helping students work through and manage stress.

Host morning meetings.

Start the school day with a morning meeting to check

in with students. This can be a time to address any issues they may be facing, talk through their feelings and emotions, and practice social and emotional skills.

Why it works: Morning meetings are an important way to stay connected with your students and address any issues they may be having. They also can strengthen student-teacher relationships, increase social awareness and self-efficacy, and reduce stress.

Promote a growth mindset.

Help students develop a growth mindset by teaching them to focus on the positive and view challenges as opportunities for growth, rather than threats.

Why it works: Research shows that a growth mindset can help students maintain a sense of control over their lives, and it addresses the cognitive causes of stress within the brain. Growth mindsets allow us to see the world through a lens of growth, which means we have the power to turn our thoughts from a negative focus induced by stress to a positive focus striving toward improvement.

Help students practice deep breathing.

Teach students deep breathing techniques to calm down and reduce stress.

Why it works: Deep breathing works just as well for students as it does for adults. It can

have a powerful and immediate physical effect in reducing tension, relaxing the body, and limiting the production of harmful stress hormones. Clinical research also shows that regular deep breathing exercises benefit the heart, brain, digestion, and immune system.

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Family Liaisons Meet To Discuss Support Services For Students And Families

On Tuesday, November 30th District-Wide family liaisons meet to discuss and share updates on support services provided to students and families, especially as we draw closer to the holiday season. They also discussed how the new Parent Square calendar would be a useful tool in publicizing all the programs and activities they offer on a monthly basis.
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Newsela Training For Teachers At Gabilan

On Tuesday, November 30th the staff at Gabilan met to receive training on the use of NewELA. Newsela is an instructional content platform that brings together engaging, accessible content with integrated assessments and insights to supercharge reading engagement and learning in every subject. Content on Newsela covers topics students care about, that connect to the core curriculum, and are aligned to standards. Besides, it offers leveled and standards-aligned informational content that is available in English and Spanish
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