The mystical places of Jose Escobar

Ranch in mexico, Jerry's place, Sabine Lake

A beautiful ranch, A wonderful lake, and an Ultimate gamer lounge. What more would you want? The ranch has beautiful animals that you can pet without the danger of getting bit. When at the lake you can go fishing, camping or canoeing, even swimming. When fishing in Sabine lake you are guaranteed a catch, whether it be a large bass to a small sunfish. In the ultimate gamer lounge you can play from XBOX 360 to Magnavox Odyssey and everything in between.

Ranch in Mexico

The ranch is as beautiful as a blooming flower in the beginning of spring. Everyday we go to the field and check our sugar cane, water our mango and lime trees. check the cattle, and milk them. In the afternoon we go to check on our horses ride them to the pasture where they eat the grass and drink from the river. Lastly in the evening we round the cattle and we round the horses into the barn for them to rest. we have small stores where we sell fresh food and imported goods from across the country.

This place is Very important to my life because i grew up working in the fields with my father and the other peons. Also because this is where most of my family lives and i can hang out with them and play soccer and swim in the lakes and rivers.

Cousins house (ultimate gamer lounge)

Here in my uncles house he has a game lounge with a 70" Flat-screen With High definition brighter than the suns rays. Also in the game room includes a playstaion 3 with multiple controllers, an XBOX 360 and additional controllers with XBOX live gold. But we don't just have modern games, we also have a nintendo 64 with all of the mario games and donkey kong and many more. Gameboys, Gamecube, Atari? We have it all with surround sound system. He also has a kitchen with anything a person would like to eat, chocolate, we have it. Nutella? We have several barrells of it hidden in the garage so a person will never run out.

Lake Sabine

Here in the beautiful lake you may swim, canoe, and fish. There are also cabins Made out of pure white pine. Including the fishing boats and tour guides will help you identify the fish you caught, and how to catch the fish you want.