Career Team News

Blythewood High School College and Career Center

February 2013

Career Trivia

Did you know that at a time in the lives of these people they did something else?

Ellen DeGeneres - Oyster Shucker

Harrison Ford - Carpenter

Whoopi Goldberg - Bricklayer

Bon Jovi - Christmas Decoration Maker

Sarah Palin - TV sports announcer

Simon Cowell - Mall Clerk

Faith Hill - Receptionist

Sheryl Crow - Elementary School Teacher

Laura Bush - Teacher, Librarian

Sting - School Teacher

Bill Gates - Congress Page

Jerry Springer - Mayor of Cincinnati

Walt Disney - Ambulance Driver

Tina Turner - Registered Nurse

Madonna - Cashier

Jennifer Aniston - Waitress

Jennifer Hudson - Fast Food Worker

Dennis Rodman - Camp Counselor

Danny DeVito - Hairdresser

Jennifer Lopez - Legal Assistant

Coolio - Fire Fighter

Jim Carey - Factory Worker

Garth Brooks - Boot Salesman

Bill Murray - Chestnut Salesman

P. Diddy - Sold Newspapers

Ashton Kutcher - Biochemical Engineering Student

Brad Pitt - Furniture Mover

and....Elvis - Truck Driver!

First Semester Interesting Facts

  • Students Career Assessed: 934
  • Health Science Remains The Top Career Cluster of Interest