Ella's Excellent Toddlers!

Hello fabulous parents!

Springtime has been filled with so much fun and excitement in our classroom! It was so fun to see all of ya'll at the Mother's Day Tea last week! I know all the kiddos were thrilled about spending some extra special time with their moms (and extra excited about cupcakes)! We had lots of practice tea parties last week and they loved pretending to sip their tea and say "CHEERS!".

They have been doing an excellent job recently of being "kind friends" and "good listeners"! I have been getting a lot of positive feedback from other teachers about how great our little group is, so hooray for us!!!

One little update: our end of the year party will take place on Wednesday, May 25! All you need to do is send your little one in their swimsuit and with a change of clothes for after our water fun!

In less cheerful news, my last day with our kiddos will be May 26th :'( We are getting very close to having our summer teachers all assigned, so as soon as I have our final group of teachers I will let ya'll know.