Elements of Art Project

Miss Meyer

Choose Your Project

To show your understanding of the "Elements of Art" you will complete one of two projects: Elements of Art Word Design or Elements of Art Cube. Read the descriptions below and view the sample projects before you make your choice.

Project 1: Word Design


  • Find the middle of your paper- mark the middle at the top and bottom.

  • Then, using a ruler, measure diagonal lines from the bottom corners to the top middle dot, and the same with the bottom.

  • This will create a symmetrical design of 7 sections- one for each element to be represented in.

  • Fill the whole page with one giant word or a phrase.

  • Essentially, you're trying to have a bit of word in each of the sections. In the end, though, the word(s) is quite obscured and difficult to read and that's totally okay.

  • Plan out where each of the elements will go.

  • Think about the colors you might use, the materials you might use and how you can you’re your understanding of each element.

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Project 2: Cube


  • Cut and assemble a cube

  • In each of the squares visually represent one of the elements of art: line, shape, space, color, texture, and value.

  • You don't need to include form because the cube itself is the form

  • You may use any media you want

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