Aarskog syndrome

Nathan Wayman-Dodd


Aarskog syndrome is a disorder in facial features that deals with the FGD1 gene. that is the only gene that is affected. there are no treatments to give since it's not serious. it only affects facial apperances. it's inherited through the mother, most comonly affects the males.

where is it located

it is located on the x chromosome it is passed on through the mother it is more common in males, females have a 50/50 chance of getting the deseise


confused with noonan syndrome. you can see the appearance in babies facial features before and after birth. there are no treatments for it.


Wide mouth, small chin, large forehead, wide eyes, missing teeth.

what will doctors do?

Doctors will tell the patient wheather or not that they will have the disease or not. since it does not make physical dissabilities


Sadly there is no treatment other than plastic surgery to hide the deformities.