Why be a paramedic??

The number one reason I would want to be a paramedic would be to help people in a car accident, after a house fire, or even having a heart attack at home. If there is a way to help people in need and I know i can help i would want to. Another reason is sometimes there are things that you don't get to see on an everyday basis. Your life wouldn't be the same old day everyday type job you normally see different people with different problems

Job description

A paramedic is not just an ambulance driver. They are part doctor, nurse, counselor, and part trouble shooter. Their job might change significantly depending on whether the paramedic is working at a fire station or not and they don't even have to work in the ambulance any more. The paramedics job is actually quite simple they take care of sick and injured people.

Schooling and Training

You need to go to EMS schooling you need 120 hours of classroom time and 180 hours of field work and depending on your state to see how much clinic work you need to have completed. you need four years of collage and a certified EMS has to have 30-350 hours of field training based on the scope of practice in the state.

Job Outlook

The paramedic job will increase 19% from 2006 to 2016


The highest average wage in the public or nonprofit sector - 17.68 an hour which is 36,780 dollars a year.

A conjunction with a mining operation make 26.63 an hour which is 55,380 dollars a year.

A supervisor makes between 14.64 and 23.12 an hour or 41,379 to 60,287 dollars a year.

Related Occupations

911 dispatcher, Lifeguard, Flight medic, EMS driver, EMS recordkeeper, search and rescue, or Fire and rescue. All these are jobs like an EMS.