Band Festival at the Kalahari

9th Annual Band Fest Registration Information

Time To Register!

Greetings! The Ninth Annual Band Festival at the Kalahari is right around the corner! I am very excited about this year’s festival! We have added a few new ideas and offerings to make this festival even better. Please read this information very carefully. This letter will hopefully answer most of your questions. If not, please contact me anytime. This year, like last year, we will be using an online registration process. Please read through the information and then go to the link at the end of this document to start the registration process! Here are the deadlines:

  • Mon, March 14 - Band Roster and Photo (to be emailed to Chris. Specific instructions below)
  • Thur, March 17- Online Registration (waterpark/indoor themepark pass #’s, pizza lunch #’s, tshirt order #’s)
  • Fri, March 25- Payment & Scores (one check for your total amount. Must be postmarked by the due date to avoid late fee of $20)

Student/Equipment Drop Off

As you approach the Kalahari on the service road leading up to the building, continue straight toward the convention center and do not turn right toward the main entrance of the hotel. You will go under a skywalk that connects the convention center to the Kalahari Condo complex. Once on the other side of the building, take a right and you will see the east convention center entrance. Load and unload students and instruments at this door. A member of our staff will be there to meet you when you arrive. They will lead you to your homeroom/warm-up room, give you instructions for the day, and give you the bracelets for the waterpark and/or vouchers for the indoor theme park, pizza/soda tickets. Your bus should park in the parking lot adjacent to the drop off area (East Parking Lot).

Band Festival Schedule

Please follow the schedule listed for your ensemble exactly. With so many bands participating over two days and directors coming to do professional development, it is imperative that we stay on schedule and do not alter the plans. For example, eating pizza at a time not designated for your group will cause crowding and longer lines for food. If you feel it necessary to change the schedule please contact me in advance! The Band Festival Schedule can be found by following this link:

Homeroom/warm-up rooms

The room that is listed by your school on the schedule will function as both your homeroom and warm-up room. We will have chairs set up in this room. There will not be music stands provided in your warm-up room. You can bring folding stands if you wish. The rooms are fairly sound proof, but keep in mind that performances are taking place across the hallway. Loud talking and playing instruments in the hallways is strictly prohibited. You may stay in the homerooms until it states “clear room” on the chart below. At that time you need to take your instruments/supplies out to your buses while you swim. Keep in mind that these rooms will not be locked at any time during the day. The Kalahari and this Band Festival cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items.

Performance & Clinic Rooms

The performance room will be A, B, G and H on your map. When it is time to perform we will have a staff member come get you. Our stage crew will set up your chairs and stands, but please feel free to rearrange as you wish. Your band will enter the performance area using the doors off of the South Atrium. Two large screens will contain a picture of your school/logo and the name of your group. Your band will be introduced using the information you supply on the online registration. There will be a microphone available if you or your students want to introduce your selections. When you have finished performing your clinician may begin a portion of the clinic in the performance hall while the preceding clinic finishes in the Clinic Room. When it is time to leave for the clinic, please exit using the South Hallway doors. The Wind Clinic Room will be in Cypress.

Percussion Clinic Room

This year we have hired three percussion specialists so that each band’s percussion section can receive a full 30 minute clinic in a designated percussion clinic room while the rest of your band receives a clinic. We will have a percussion specialist watching your percussion section and taking notes during your performance. When your performance has ended the percussion specialist will take your percussionists to the percussion clinic room (Guava Room) ­­to talk about what was observed and suggestions for growth and improvement. The percussion clinic room will be furnished with similar equipment found in the performance room. Any percussion equipment you bring into the performance room will be transported to the percussion clinic room and then back to your homeroom. You will receive written comments from the percussion specialist as well.

Conducting Clinician

We have hired a clinician who will capture video of you conducting during your band’s performance then manipulate the video using an iPad application giving you feedback on your conducting technique. During the registration process you will get to identify what you want feedback on in regards to your conducting. For example, you could ask the clinician to focus on your preparatory gestures, use of left hand, or pattern size. The clinician’s comments will be sure to address your requested area. Don’t worry - there’s no “grade” associated with this or an expectation that you will be the next Leonard Bernstein. Rather, we hope to give you some good information that will maybe help you to advance your conducting skills. (It can also be a good thing to share with your administrator – Danielson Domain #4)


The number and type of selections performed is up to each ensemble. Keep in mind, however that you will have a 30 minute window to set-up, perform, and leave for the clinic. The online registration form will ask you to identify the selections you plan to perform (in performance order if possible). You will need to mail THREE copies of your scores for the adjudicators postmarked by March 25. Please put the name of your school on the cover of each score AND number all the measures so the clinicians can make quick notes on the performance. This festival does meet the requirements as a “clinic festival” for the WSMA. Remember to fill out necessary forms and send payment directly to WSMA. I put the WSMA clinic form on the Band Festival Website if you need to download it.


We will provide black music stands and conductor’s podium for both the performance site and the clinic sites. Large percussion will also be provided. The online registration will ask you to indicate what large percussion you plan to use. All bands should plan to bring their own snare drums, cymbals & cymbal stands, and any accessory percussion instruments, including all mallets and sticks. In other words, bring any percussion not listed on the online registration form.


In addition to our percussion specialists and conducting clinician, we will have five adjudicators on a rotating scheduling during the festival. During your band’s performance one adjudicator will listen and make recorded verbal comments and written comments. A different adjudicator will listen and serve as your clinician. The 2016 Clinicians Information can be found on the last page of this document.


The performances are free and open to the public. We will have ample seating for parents if they choose to come to hear the performance. Please remind parents that we do not want flash photography during the performance (before and after is fine). You may also take video during the performance. Spectators and parents will not be allowed in the clinic room. Spectators can park in either the West or East Lots.

Live Streaming Broadcast Site

Your performance will be broadcast live on the internet. This year we again use “LiveStream”. The benefit of this service is no commercials! However, you need to sign into this website in order to watch the broadcast. Sign-up is free, and takes an active email account or Facebook account and about 3 minutes to set it up. Share this link with your families, other students, (and administrators!) so they can listen to your performance!

Envelope Pick-up

Scores and clinician comment forms of your performance will be available following your clinic. Please send someone to the clinician table to pick up your scores/comment forms following the clinic. The recording of your performance will be sent as a Google Drive link by Monday, April 25th for sure (probably sooner than that). The recording will contain two tracks. The first track will be a recording of your band’s performance in stereo. The next recording will be an adjudicator’s audio comments (right speaker) and your band’s performance (left speaker). The video of your conducting critique will be sent directly to you via email.

Award and Photo

Immediately following your performance please have one or two representatives of your band come forward to receive the annual plaque from your clinician. A photo of this award presentation will be taken and put on the Band Festival Website for you to download.


Like previous years, each paying participant will receive a token for a slice of pizza and a soda. I have doubled the space for meals this year to avoid overcrowding. Pizza/soda will be available in rooms C, D, E & F adjacent to the performance hall. Pizza will also be available in the lobby near the waterpark. The movable walls in these convention centers do little to prevent sound carryover. Please remind students to be aware of this and to be on the soft side during lunch. Directors/chaperones paying the $27 will receive a pizza token as well. Those not paying the $27 can preorder the $9 pizza tokens. Cash will not be accepted in the meal room and extra tokens cannot be purchased or refunded on the day of the festival.

Band Festival Program Photo

Thanks to sponsorship by Ward Brodt Music in Madison, Wisconsin we will again have a beautiful FREE music program booklet for each of your students. This will surely be a wonderful keepsake for your students. Each band will get one page in the booklet. The page will display a group photo of the band as well as performance selections, and band roster. In order to make this a success, please be sure to complete the online registration process fully, including sending a group photo of your band (Best Quality 300 dpi is preferred. Landscape - 1800 x 1200 pixels or better) and a list of the students in your band. Please name the photo file with the name of your school.

Band Festival Program Roster

Please use the “Program Roster Template” (Excel file) found on Band Festival Website when submitting your roster – listing your students in this manner: First Name Last Name [example Bill Nelson – all in one cell). Organize it by instrument then alphabetically by student’s last name. Please do not do Last Name, First Name when typing your kids names (for example: Nelson, Bill). No special font is necessary, as all of the formatting will need to be redone to fit the booklet. Please do not send PDF’s or Word documents of your roster. Rosters will only be accepted using the provided “Program Roster Template Excel File”. Please rename the Excel File with the name of your school.

Band Festival Tshirts

Official Band Festival at the Kalahari Tshirts will be sold only in advance again this year! Check out the new design for 2016!! These high quality cotton tshirts are black and come in Youth Sizes M, L, XL and Adult Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL. The shirts say "Band Fest At The Kalahari: The Music Awakens” “9th Annual Band Festival at the Kalahari, April 21-22, 2016" on the front and “The Music Is Strong With This One” as well as the names of each participating bands on the back. Each shirt is only $10.00. Shirts size 2XL or larger will need to add $2 more per shirt. Your ordered shirts will be given to you when you arrive at the festival. You will place your tshirt order when you do the rest of your online registration. However, an order form has been developed for your use with your students. Feel free to use this if you wish.

Big image

Activity Choice

Like last year – Students/Chaperones/Directors paying the $27 will have a choice when registering of a waterpark wristband or an indoor theme park pass* (groups staying overnight see below). You do not need a pass to enter the indoor theme park, however you do need a wristband to enter the waterpark. So students electing to get the waterpark wristband can still do indoor theme park activities; however they will need to pay for each activity (see the Kalahari Website for individual indoor theme park activity prices). Each participating school will receive two free “observer” waterpark wristbands allowing two chaperones/ directors to enter the waterpark for free if they remain in street clothes. Again this year is the option to purchase more “observer” waterpark passes for $10 each. Same rules apply, you must remain in street clothes, but this gives a less expensive option for adults just wanting to be in the waterpark. There is no cost for directors and chaperones to observe students in the indoor theme park. The price for chaperones/directors who would like to swim or receive an indoor theme park unlimited ride wristband is $27 if sent in with this registration form. Please note that this will not be the price at the door on the day of the event (it will be significantly higher!). Please be careful not to lose a wristband as there are no extras. You may want to consider bringing a pair of scissors to cut the excess when kids put on their wristbands. Also, you cannot exchange or request more or less of a certain wristband after the March 17 registration deadline. The Kalahari will have lifeguards and employees working both parks, however it is recommended that an adult chaperone be in each park to watch the kids. Students should not wander to other locations in the hotel complex including the Desert Star Cinema which is attached to the complex via the indoor theme park without adult supervision.

**If a child is sick or cannot attend you can return the waterpark wristband or indoor themepark to the group sales office on the day you are at the festival for a voucher good for a future visit to the waterpark or indoor themepark. The group sales office is identified on the map of the facilities and is next to the Acacia Room. The wristbands and pizza tokens will be valid the days of the event only and cannot be used at any further dates/times.


Locker rentals are available at the Waterpark Desk for approx. $10 daily ($5 refunded when key is returned). The payment must be in cash. Students will also have use of the locker rooms and showers. Towels will also be available for student use. Many groups last year had students place their clothes/towels on the deck overlooking the waterpark (mezzanine) and had a chaperone keep an eye on it during their swimming time. Please tell your students not to just leave clothes/bags on the benches in the locker rooms as many, many people use this area.

Indoor Theme Park

The Indoor Theme Park at Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells features over 100,000 square feet of excitement. Participants choosing the indoor theme park unlimited ride wristband will be able to enjoy the 6-story Ferris wheel, mini golf, go carts, ropes course, climbing wall, laser tag, and the recently added Vortex Tunnel, Atomic Rush, and XD Dark Ride 5D Theater!!! The pass does not include arcade games, bowling or golf simulators.


Family members can stay at the Kalahari on Thursday or Friday night for a discounted price (if available). The pre-tax rate will be approx. $129.95 for Thursday night 4/21/16 or Friday night 4/22/16 (up to 4 in a room). Reservations can be made on an individual basis by calling 877-253-5466. Ask for the Patrick Marsh Middle School Band 2016 Room Block. Please note…the number of rooms at this rate are limited.

*Band Staying the Night?

A few groups are already planning to stay the night at the Kalahari. If you are interested in this, let me know, however the number of rooms we have at the reduced rate are limited. Just a reminder to those groups staying - waterpark passes are included with your room fee. Therefore you do not need to order wristbands during registration, however you cannot request a certain number of indoor wristbands, etc. If students would like to do the indoor themepark either have them pay a la carte on the day of the festival or purchase the indoor unlimited ride wristband during registration (this will be above and beyond the price for the room- so in essence they will have both an waterpark wristband and an indoor themepark wristband if desired). Also, don’t forget to sign up for the pizza vouchers as this does not come with your room ($9 per student).


Once you have completed and submitted the online registration I will email you an invoice for the total amount you owe. Please send a copy of this invoice along with payment postmarked by Friday, March 25, 2016. Please send one check made payable to “Patrick Marsh Middle School”. Mail to: Chris Gleason, Patrick Marsh MS, 1351 Columbus St, Sun Prairie, 53590. The $27 price is only available to participating students, directors and chaperones not other family members. Additional tickets cannot be purchased at this price after March 17. Refunds will only be made on or before March 17. Additional passes to the waterpark or indoor theme park after March 17 will be at full price.

Professional Development Opportunity!

Band Festival at the Kalahari is now offering one graduate credit for band directors.

  • Get new literature ideas by listening to as many as 49 middle school bands from 4 states!
  • Assess and reflect upon each performance you attend making note of the concepts, skills and knowledge you would reinforce and correct with each ensemble. Then follow the group into the clinic room observing our guest clinicians working with students!
  • Attend sessions on a variety of topics presented by the guest band festival clinicians throughout the day. The sessions will cover things such as quality band literature, rehearsal techniques, assessment, score study, warm-up procedures, percussion technique, equipment, technology, Comprehensive Musicianship through Performance (CMP), conducting techniques, SLO and many other ideas.
  • Watch master percussion educators working with percussion sections!
  • Collaborate and share your ideas with your band colleagues.

Come join us for this amazing opportunity!

Registration Fee: $50

(Optional) One Graduate Credit $220 (through Viterbo)

(Optional) Lunch $9 (slice of pizza and soda)

(Optional) Band Festival T-Shirt $10

Register Online at:

Registration closes on April 8, 2016

Band Festival Website

To get more information about the festival, first check the Band Festival Website. I continually update this site with information.

Congratulations.... you made it through a lot of information! Here is your “to do” list:

By Monday, March 14:

  • Email (or share) a full ensemble photo (300 dpi or better) to Chris -
  • Email (or share) your band’s roster using the “Program Roster Template” (Excel file) found on Band Festival Website -Remember {first name last name, organized by instrument then alpha by last name}

By Thursday, March 17:

  • Have your students decide if they want the waterpark wristband or indoor themepark wristband.
  • Figure out how many chaperones/directors you will have and how many of them will want wristbands & pizza (keep in mind the two free observer passes and can purchase more observer passes if they do not want to swim or ride).
  • Share the t-shirt order form and the Livestream website information with your student’s parents/relatives.
  • Complete the online registration and click “submit”.

By Friday, March 25:

  • Look for an invoice for total bill from Chris. Send invoice back with one check made payable to “Patrick Marsh Middle School”.
  • Put your school’s name on the cover of your scores then number and copy your scores (3 each)

** Must be postmarked by the due date to avoid late fee of $20

Peter Haberman

Peter Haberman serves as the director of bands and associate professor of music at Concordia College where he conducts the Concordia Band. He also leads the Echo Band, works with student conductors, teaches music education courses and coordinates the comprehensive band program. Prior to his appointment at Concordia, Haberman held similar positions as director of bands at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and Bucknell University. Haberman maintains an active schedule as a guest conductor and clinician across North America. His ensembles have performed at conferences and music festivals across the nation and internationally. He also has served as music director for many community ensembles including the Chippewa Valley Youth Symphony. Haberman is an active board member for the Minnesota Band Directors Association. He is also a member of the College Band Directors National Association, Minnesota Music Educators Association, National Association for Music Education, and World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles. His honorary memberships include Phi Beta Mu, Phi Mu Alpha, and Pi Kappa Lambda. A native of Minnesota, he has earned degrees from Concordia College, the University of Montana, and the University of Minnesota where he completed a Doctor of Music Arts in conducting. Peter lives in Moorhead, Minnesota with his wife Erika Tomten and their daughter Claire.

Phil Ostrander

Phil Ostrander is Professor of Trombone at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where he conducts the Symphony Band and teaches private trombone and trombone ensemble. Dr. Ostrander completed his doctoral studies at the Eastman School of Music. Dr. Ostrander received master's degrees in both trombone and wind conducting from the New England Conservatory, as well as a bachelor's and Performer's Certificate from Eastman. He has performed with the Minnesota Orchestra, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra, the Rochester Philharmonic, the Kansas City Symphony, the Buffalo Philharmonic and the popular chamber group Burning River Brass Ensemble. Currently, he is a member of the IRIS Chamber Orchestra in Memphis, Tennessee under Michael Stern and also Principal Trombone of the Minnesota Opera Orchestra. An accomplished jazz trombonist, Dr. Ostrander has collaborated with jazz artists Maria Schneider, Jim McNeely, Jimmy Heath, Claudio Roditi and Rich Beirach. He teaches jazz at the Shell Lake Arts Camp in northern Wisconsin. He has recorded on Sony Classical with the Eastman Wind Ensemble and Naxos with the IRIS Orchestra. Dr. Ostrander is a clinician for the Conn-Selmer Musical Instrument Company.

Paul Budde

Dr. Paul J. Budde is an Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, where he teaches Music Education I (Elementary), Music Education II (Secondary), Music for Elementary Teachers, and World Music, as well as supervises music students during Student Teaching. Previously, Budde served as an adjunct Professor of Music at Gustavus Adolphus College, Inver Hills Community College, Mankato State University, St. Cloud State University, and the University of St. Thomas. In addition, he taught middle and high school music in the public schools of Wisconsin and Minnesota for eight years. He was the creator and chairperson of Tubonium, a two-day tuba and euphonium workshop that brought low-brass enthusiasts and world-renowned guest artists to this Minnesota event. In addition, he released an album titled Practice Room Grooves, which is made up of accompaniment tracks that serves as a means to improve fundamentals during independent practice. He has also served on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Band Director’s Association. Dr. Budde is an active performer (tuba) and clinician. He is a member of the Stone Arch Brass (formerly the St. Anthony Brass Quintet), an ensemble that represented the United States during performances at the 2014 Harbin Summer Music Festival in China. In addition, he has performed in numerous Twin Cities ensembles, including the Minnesota Orchestra, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, National Lutheran Chorale, Lake Wobegon Brass Band, and VocalEssence. His primary tuba instructors have been Jerry Young and Ross Tolbert, but he has also studied with Arnold Jacobs, Sam Pilafian, and Patrick Sheridan. Dr. Budde, who currently lives in Lakeville, MN with his wife Kimberly and their four boys, earned a Bachelors Degree in Instrumental Music Education from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (1993), a Masters Degree in Tuba Performance from the University of Minnesota (2004), and a Ph.D. in Music Education from the University of Minnesota (2011).

Patty Schlafer

Since completion of an undergraduate degree in music education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1981, Patty Schlafer has been teaching beginning instrumental musicians in the private and public schools of Wisconsin. She currently teaches concert band and jazz band at Mount Horeb Middle School. Ms. Schlafer is proud to be a member of the music faculty in Mount Horeb where they have developed a music program that allows students to be any kind of musician they desire. All departments, band, orchestra, choir, and jazz support each other and students are encouraged to be in as many groups as their schedule allows. Since 1995, Ms. Schlafer has worked with a committee of teachers from the state of Wisconsin to help teachers implement the Comprehensive Musicianship through Performance Project. This model for planning music instruction guides teachers to select quality musical literature with the intent of designing rich and varied outcomes for student musical growth and assessment. Ms. Schlafer has been a part of CMP Workshops for teachers throughout the state of Wisconsin, Iowa, and in the Los Angeles Unified School District. In 2005, Ms. Schlafer completed a master’s degree in Curriculum Theory and Design where her research included a study of musical tastes of the adolescent band student. She is regular guest conductor at summer music camps throughout including UW-Whitewater, Madison, Stevens Point and Green Bay. Schlafer is a life long horn player and has been a member of the Madison Symphony Orchestra, Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, Artemis Horn Quartet, Madison Wind Ensemble, and Acme Brass. In addition, she was the 2015 winner of the Madison Symphony Award for Excellence in Music Education. When not teaching, conducting, or playing horn, she is always on the lookout for a dog-friendly watering hole with family members, Ward and Mango.

Eric Songer

Eric Songer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and grew up in nearby Wales. He began playing trombone in fifth grade and was always really into pop music. He enjoyed listening to American Top 40 in order to learn what the top songs of the week were. In high school, Eric was involved in band as well as many other activities including golf, bowling, drama, and the school newspaper. Eric attended college at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where he earned his degree in music and math education. He participated in numerous performing ensembles including Jazz 1, Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, The Singing Statemen among others. In 2004 Eric completed his Masters in Education at St. Thomas. Eric is in his 19th year teaching at Chaska Middle School. He was named Teacher of the Year in District 112 in 2007 and was a semifinalist for 2008 Minnesota Teacher of the Year. He was named Young Band Director of the Year in 2008 by the American School Band Directors Association. The Chaska Middle School -West Band Department was featured in the February 2009 issue of "The Instrumentalist". Eric was the runner up for Minnesota Middle School Teacher of the Year in 2009 and was inducted into the Kettle Moraine High School Hall of Fame in March 2010. In 2013, Eric was awarded the Unsung Heroes Second Prize for his project "Music Education for the Next Generation" which was a grant for $12,000 to his school music program. In 2014, Eric was named a quarterfinalist for the Music Educator of the Year Grammy Award. In 2015, he won a $5,000 grant from Century Link Foundation. He has presented on music education at many conferences and colleges across the country. Eric served as the secretary of the Minnesota State Unit of JEN from 2005-2007 and belongs to ASBDA, MBDA, NAfME and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Outside of teaching, Eric still loves to perform. He plays in the Calhoun Brass, Rank & Style, Tapestry, among others. Eric loves to bowl, golf and play volleyball. He is currently co-writing a book and trying his hand at writing music for television. He loves spending time with his wife Heidi and his children Caleb and Abby.

Cindy Terhune (Percussion)

Cindy Terhune earned her bachelors degree in music education from UW-Madison and completed her masters in music performance under the direction of Anthony DiSanza at UW-Madison. She owns the Terhune Music Studio where she teaches private piano and percussion lessons to about fifty students. She has performed as a section percussionist with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra and Madison Symphony Orchestra, and principal percussion in the Beloit-Janesville Symphony. She teaches the Sun Prairie High School percussion ensemble and is assistant director of the Sound of Sun Prairie Marching Band in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Cindy freelances as a percussion clinician (concert and rudimental) at many area school districts including Beaver Dam, Beloit Turner, Lodi, and Waukesha West.

Ken Paris (Percussion)

Ken Paris is a retired band director and educator. His teaching career included four years(1975-1979) in Fort Atkinson and thirty years(1979-2009) in Sun Prairie. Mr. Paris received his Bachelor of Music Education degree from VanderCook College of Music in Chicago (1975) and his Masters degree in music education from UW Madison in 1992. Professionally, he was a member of WSMA (Wisconsin School Music Association), MENC (Music educators national conference) and WNBA (Wisconsin national band association). Mr. Paris was also President/Treasurer/Secretary of MACBDA (Mid America Competing Band Directors Association) for 15 years. His duties in Fort Atkinson school district included elementary band, HS marching band and all percussion lessons district wide. In Sun Prairie, Mr. Paris taught band at every level and building in the district. He also directed the HS pep band, JV sound project and Sound of Sun Prairie for many years. He was department coordinator for 6 years and taught a jazz ensemble every year since its start in the early 1980's. Mr. Paris grew up on a dairy farm south of Madison and attended school in Oregon. He loves the sport of volleyball and coached in Sun Prairie from 1986-2009. Mr. Paris retired in June of 2009 and looks forward to the opportunities of travel and spending more time with his family.

Stacey Zwirlein (Percussion)

Stacey Zwirlein is the Associate Director of Bands and Director of Orchestra at Arrowhead High School. Mrs. Zwirlein conducts Chamber Strings, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, North Jazz and South Jazz Ensembles, AHS Percussion Ensemble, while assisting in the other ensembles in the music program. In addition, Mrs. Zwirlein is the Director of Pep Band and Assistant Director of the AHS Marching Band. Prior to her position at Arrowhead, she worked with the Waukesha South Marching Band, Racine Lighthouse Brigade, and the Sound of Sun Prairie Marching Band (two ensembles in the summer competitive MACBDA circuit). Mrs. Zwirlein holds a Bachelor's degree in Music Education from UW-Madison and a Masters in Music Education from VanderCook College of Music in Chicago, Illinois. She attended UW-Madison on a four-year music scholarship and was awarded the Gerald B. Olson Music Education Scholarship in 2005. In 2004, Mrs. Zwirlein was selected from numerous undergraduate and graduate students as a winner in the UW-Madison School of Music Concerto Competition. Mrs. Zwirlein is an active membership in Music Educators National Conference, National Band Association, and Wisconsin Music Educators Association. Mrs. Zwirlein was invited to serve as the percussion coach for the WSMA State Honors Orchestra for the 2014-16 seasons. She is an active clinician, percussion coach, and performer. She resides in Menomonee Falls with her incredible husband, Nick, (also a musician), their latest addition, Oskar (13 months), and two cats.