Symbiosis Poster

Cam Bost, Cassidy Sears


Symbiosis is the interaction between two different organisms living close together, usually to the advantage of both organisms.


Parasitism is a non-mututal relationship between two species where one benefits (the parasite) and harms or kills the other species.

Example: Parasites such as Tapeworms or Fleas & ticks that get benefits from living in or on an organism such as a Dog that is harmed or even killed by these parasites.


Mutualism is a type of symbiosis that is beneficial to both organisms involved.

Example: An Ox pecker lands on a Rhino and eats the ticks & other parasites off the animal which helps the rhino get pest control and provides the Ox Pecker with a nice meal.


Commensalism is a association between two organisms where one benefits & the other is unaffected & remains unharmed.

Example: Barnacles that live on whales that are along for the ride and depend on the whale to provide food like plankton, but cause no affect to the whale.