William Sturgeon

By: Dakota Prince

Major contributions to science

William Surgeon was an english physician who invented the first ever practical english electric motor, and invented the first ever electromagnet. In 1832 Sturgeon invented an integral part of most modern electric motors. He also invented a device for measuring current, and he observed that in serene weather that the atmosphere is charged positively and the earth becomes more positive with increasing altitude.

Date of birth and degrees earned

William Sturgeon was born on May 22, 1783 in Whittington United Kingdom, and died on December 4, 1850 in Prestwich United Kingdom. Sturgeon was actually self taught in electrical phenomenon and natural science.

Intersting facts about William Sturgeon

Sturgeon father was a very harsh man and sent Sturgeon away as a shoe maker and subjected to years of mindless toil. William Sturgeon also joined the army in 1802 and taught himself mathematics and physics.

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