How to take care of a ferret

By: Isabelle Loucks


The purchase price of a ferret can vary to $65-$250. When you purchase your ferret you can expect to pay more than just the purchase price of the ferret. You will have to pay for vet examinations, vaccinations (including rabies)and basic supplies like food, toys, ferret proofing supplies for your house and a cage.

-Time Commented-

You need to take time before you buy your ferret to " ferret proofing your home". you need to " ferret proof your home " because ferrets like to tear up carpets, rugs,bottoms of chairs and couches, and their nails tear up wood flooring. You also need to take tome to clean out their cages when they make messes. Ferrets are able to entertain themselves when you are gone. But you do need to spend daily time with your ferret and treat them well even if they are disobedient when you get them. You can teach them tricks.


Your ferret needs plenty of water and a diet of high in fat protein. DO NOT feed your ferret dog food. If you feed your ferret fish flavored cat food it will make the litter box have a strong Oder. Do not feed them human snacks because the food may be toxic.


The life span of a ferret is 8 years. The ferret reaches maturity quickly, they reach their full size and ability to reduce by the age of 4 months. The fast aging process continues throughout their lives. By age three they are in their midlife.

-Other tips and fun facts-

The ferret's daily sleep is about 14-16 hours a day. The scientific name for a ferret is mustela putoius furo.
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Some of Joey the Trained Ferret's tricks