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HHE Mission

Holiday Heights is a SAFE and ACCEPTING place where everyone works together to LEARN, IMPROVE, and ACHIEVE our goals.



August 29-September 2 ELR Progress monitoring in the lab

August 29 Wear your new T-shirt and khaki/tan: staff picture after school at library area

August 30 House sort for new students during lunch (except Kindergarten)

August 30 4th grade curriculum night 5:30-6:00

September 2 First house meeting: 8:10-8:40

September 2 5th Grade curriculum night 5:30-6:00

September 5 School Holiday

September 8 PLC/Art Day

September 8 First Grade Curriculum Night 6:00-6:30

September 8 First Grade Curriculum Night 6:00-7:00

September 9 House meeting: 8:10-8:40

September 12 Campus Teams Meeting 3:45-4:30

September 12 PTA Board Meeting 5:00-6:00

September 13 Pre-K curriculum night 5:30-6:30

September 16 Howdy Dance 3:30-5:00 (All staff)

September 19 Faculty meeting 3:45-4:15

September 20-October 4 1st-5th ELA Composition

September 21 Early Release Day

September 23 House meeting: 8:10-8:40

September 26 Site Base Meeting 3:45-4:30

September 30 Hearing/Vision Screening in Science Lab

September 30 CORE Outstanding Student for Six Weeks Nomination

September 30 House meeting: 8:10-8:40

September 30 T-TESS Goals in Apraise by the end of the day

October 3 Hearing/Vision Screening in Science Lab

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Information & Updates

  • I would like all websites updated by this Friday with at least the following: Current picture, class name, grade, contact information, and class schedule. As we progress through the year, I would like for you to add a student tab where students can go to access important information for your class such as useful websites, homework help, etc.
  • Class Mission Statements should be up by September 31st, please refer to the email about the guiding class questions for the basics. If you need any assistance, please let us know.
  • Please make sure your voice message is set and updated for this year.
  • Keep the staff handbook in your google drive for future reference.
  • Our first Art/PLC is September 8th. You will need your data binders and class lists.
  • Please pay Nicole $10 for your staff shirt and money for your social dues. Social Committee will sent out an email about social due amounts.
  • I would like to have 100% staff participation for PTA. Dues for PTA is $7. The PTA is such a vital part of our school and they do so much for our students and staff. It means so much to the PTA when all of our staff joins, plus they get rewarded for it on the state level.
  • If you need assistance in paying for any of the things above, please let me know.
  • Please make sure you have filled out the mentor/tutor survey at
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Tech Corner

Dismissal Reminders

For the most part things are going really smooth for the beginning of the year. I appreciate everyone being on the same page with our system. We need to be sure to keep this tight throughout the year.

Dismissal notes:

  • Please make sure to get all the backpack tags on students bags tomorrow with the correct information that Erin sent last week (daycare name, number of siblings, meeting place, etc)

  • Walk your class to dismissal in the same orderly fashion as you would to lunch or specials. All our school rules are still in place and teachers should be closely monitoring their classes. Be sure to do a “head count” to make sure you have all your students before leaving the room/building
  • Pre-K & Kinder day care and bus riders will be picked up by Marchelle Smart at your classroom between 3:20-3:25
  • Update the pickup sheet for daycare/bus riders as needed throughout the year. This does include Kidsville students. All these students should have a yellow tag with their afterschool care name or bus number written on the tag.
  • All teachers should remain at the dismissal area as a team until all the students are picked up or until 3:45. After 3:45 the teachers who still have students can come up to the office to call parents
  • Radios need to be present and on at all times during dismissal.
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Elite Culture

“You don’t get the culture you want, you get the culture you build. As a leader, you are responsible for creating a winning culture that drives behavior and produces results.” Urban Meyer

Championship Cultures don’t just spontaneously arise on their own but must be systematically invested in and cultivated over time. Championship Cultures are intentionally built and sustained by every member of the organization. If you want your team to be a Championship Culture you and your teammates must invest the time to meticulously mold your culture, monitor your culture, manage your culture, and maintain your culture. Teams that are conscientious and careful about building a winning culture have students who benefit greatly from this kind of intentional investment.

What kind of culture do you want in your program and what have you done to systematically build it? What are you doing to make your team culture stronger and more healthy?

Air Conditioning Concerns

Please let Resa Goodwin know if you are having any issues with your air conditioning. She will be the person to coordinate with Mr. Diaz and Laron Street for the energy management consultant.

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Shout Outs

  • Thank you to Toy Coston for the work on getting the T-Shirts for meet the teacher
  • We appreciate Sara St. Claire and Mellissa Dossy for their vinal skills that have made our halls pop with text!
  • Thank you to everyone who helped solve the minor, but numerous, technology issues at the beginning of the year. Special thanks to Mark for helping setup so many computers and phones!
  • Thanks to all the educational assistants for helping out where you were needed this past week. They have helped with parents, assisted in the office, and helped teachers get things set up for the beginning of the school year. A big thanks to getting all our dismissal cards ready for meet the teacher. Vickie, Darian, Cindy, Resa, and Marchelle really worked hard at cleaning and organizing our common areas. It looks amazing! To keep it looking that way, please put things back where they belong after you use equipment. Our educational assistants are the BEST and we appreciate the work they do!
  • Thanks to everyone for getting your classrooms/lessons prepared for the first week of school. I know that you have spent TONS of your own time to get things perfect for the kids! You all are APPRECIATED!
  • Thanks for staying late on Meet the Teacher Night. I know that was a super long day for all of you. Hopefully the excitement on the kids faces when they got to meet you, made it all worth it!
  • Thanks to everyone for your participation in professional development. I think we had a great start to the school year. I loved the creativity in the dialogue and engagement in our learning! You made excellent use of your PLC time and I have seen how smooth things have gone this week because of your "elite preparation".
  • Thanks to Susan Henderson and Darian Sands for all their work in the front area with our display case, tradition pictures, and house banners!
  • We could not make it without a great office staff! Thanks to Tracey, Nicole, Resa and Pam for all your hard work. Nicole, Pam and Resa have been burning the midnight oil to get everything ready!
  • Thanks to our custodial staff for getting our rooms ready for the school year!

Communication information

Staff please get the Remind 101 app use code @81010 or text @bisdhhe to get updates throughout the year.

You might also want to Like the Holiday Heights Elementary official Facebook Page and follow Twitter @bisdhhe to keep up with school happenings throughout the year!

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SafeSchools Training

Birdville ISD is using to offer training courses online for your convenience. Follow these easy steps to complete your Birdville ISD safety training requirements:

Using your web browser, Go to the SafeSchoolsTM website for Birdville ISD:

Enter your Username: (employee ID number with no leading zeros)

Once you log into the site, click on a course title to begin the training. Each course has audio, so be sure to turn up your speakers if you'd like to listen. You must complete each section of the course in order to receive full credit.

Your Birdville ISD SafeSchoolsTM contact:

BISD’s Support Portal

The FACILITIES MANAGEMENT (formerly Buildings and Grounds) and TECHNOLOGY departments would like to share an exciting and important change with you that we believe will help make the process of getting facilities and/or technology work items done easier and more efficiently. All employees can now access BISD’s Support Portal, where the work request systems for Facilities Management and Technology are located.

Simply click on the Technology or Facilities Management icon to access the respective work request form(s). Click the red “Submit a Ticket” button located in the upper right corner of the screen. Next, complete and submit the form. Once received, email updates about the completion status of your request will be sent to you from the appropriate department.

You may access the Support Portal at Birdville ISD Support Portal or

More information at:

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