Conflicts in the Colonies!

The truth to the colonies!

Major Conflicts that happened during the Colonial Times!

My Opinion

I think that I would be a patriot if I lived during that time yet I might have wanted to be a loyalist because they got a lot of stuff because they were loyal to the king. I think that I would have believed what the patriots thought's but I would have wanted to get all of the special stuff that the loyalists got.

Events Paragraph

I think that all of the things that happened that lead us to the revolutionary war and where we are now could have happened better but it still lead us to now and how we are right now is pretty good i think. Most of the people that lived through the war came up with tons of awesome ideas. I also think that the Boston Massacre could have been better as in maybe that shouldn't have happened but whatever did happen lead us to now. Also ,i think that if any of these thing's hadn't happened we would be in a different future.