Physical and Chemical Change

chemical change, physical change, gas change, color change

Physical changes

The physical change is a change that happens in a physical way.One way to make a physical change is by changing its form.Also it effects volume,mass and much more.A example is melting ice or cutting bread.When a physical change is happening it does not make a new substance.
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Chemical changes

A chemical change is a change that happens in a chemical way.During a chemical change the substance changes temperature.Another sign is the formation of gases or precipitation.Also it might change color.A example is burning wood or mixing vinegar and baking soda.When a chemical change occurs it makes a new substance.

Color changes

The colour change occurs because a new substance is made and it has different properties from before. So what I'm saying is because a chemical change occurred it made a new substance that has different properties and one of them is the color.

Gas Change

The formation of a gas is the third sign that a reaction may have occurred. The formation of bubbles when two liquids are mixed usually indicates that a gas has formed.

A gas can also be formed when a solid is added to a solution.