My Favorite Physical Activity

Physical Health

There are many aspects to softball such as catching, running, throwing, and batting. All of these work different parts of your body and require different skills to be able to do. You have to do many different exercises to do your best at softball, and these exercises improve your physical health in many ways.

Mental/Emotional Health

Any physical activity can increase your mental/emotional health because exercising releases neurotransmitters that affect your mood. For me, softball makes me feel good about myself after having a practice, especially when I feel like I've learned or accomplished something. Being part of a team also increases your mental/emotional health because you get the opportunity to share and create success with other people.

Social Health

Softball allows you to be part of a team and build relationships with the people on it. I've built many relationships with people I've never met through softball, and by doing this I've increased by social health. It helps that you are all part of the same team with the same goal together almost everyday (between practices and games). After a while, you get more comfortable with your teammates and begin to communicate with them more outside of the game.

Intellectual Health

Losing occurs in softball sometimes- nobody's perfect. Part of your intellectual health means that you are able to adapt, learn and grow; dealing with loss is a way to get better. Because softball is a faster paced game, players need to learn how to think clearly about each future play if the ball comes to them. Also, if you're not positive, your attitude will most likely be translated to how you play. For example, if you aren't confident/don't believe in yourself, those thoughts will get to you when you're on the field.