Bailey Hair Neida Mendoza Wildfire

The common wildfire can be caused by natural events, such as lightning or lava, but most fires are cused by humans. A wildfire origonally means that it is a large, destructive fire that spreads quickly over woodland or brush.

After the fire W.E.D goes into effect. Since the fire burned all of the plants there isn't anything to keep the ground from being eroded away. A great example of this could be at Edwards Plateau.

Although fires may seem very harmful there is a benificial effect to it. The flames may toughen the plants and it removes many of the spores and diseases that accumulate in the forest over time.

There is a negative effect to wlidfires. One negative effect could be on people. The smoke that rises from the forestfires can cause accidents on the nearby highways as the visibility of the drivers is distracted by the smoke. Another type of effect is on the environment. When a forest is destroyed oxygen can not be produced and carbon dioxide is not absorbed. An increase in carbon dioxide means in global warming.

an example of a well known fire is the Oakland wildfire. the fire happened in 1991 Oakland Californa. It was suspected to have the began in Berkly Hills from poorly extingush grass fire.