FPMS AP Weekly Update

September 15, 2014

Dates to Remember

  • Monday September 15th Fire Drill 9:00
  • Wednesday September 17th Early Release
  • Wednesday September 17th Team Meetings-We will not meet due to Early Release, but the agenda will be available on Wednesday.

Lunch: Student Reminders

Students may not take food out of the cafeteria.

Students are expected to clean up after themselves before leaving the cafeteria.

Students may not jump off the wall or climb the tree.

Educational Resources

Here are10 of the 53 ways to check for understanding from the article "Efficient Ways to Check for Understanding." Here is the link:


1. Summary Poem Activity:

• List 10 key words from an assigned text.

• Do a free verse poem with the words you highlighted.

• Write a summary of the reading based on the words

you highlighted.

2. Invent the Quiz

• Write 10 higher-order text questions related to the content.

Pick 2 and answer them in half a page.

3. The 411

• Describe the author’s objective.

4. Opinion Chart

• List opinions about the content in one half of a T-chart,

and support your opinions in the right column.

5. So What? Journal

• Identify the main idea of the lesson. Why is it important?

6. Rate Understanding

7. Clickers (Response System)

8. Teacher Observation Checklist

9. Explaining

• Explain the main idea using an analogy.

10. Evaluate

• What is the author’s main point? What are the arguments

for and against this idea?

C Squared

How do students join C2 and NPFH?

Please click on the link below to complete an application.


Support C-Squared and NPFH

If you have our yellow t-shirt and wish to keep wearing it, we would greatly
appreciate your support!

This year, FPMS is changing it up a little. We are purchasing purple tees
with this new design. If you would like to purchase one, please do so through
Maria Armenta in our Guidance Counselor's Office.

T-shirts are $10.00 and will be sold Sept. 9-19.