Factory life

Life as a factory worker in the 1830s

In the 1830s many factories were producing many manufacturing goods that required many workers. Some of those workers besides men were women and all type of children. The factory conditions were extremely harsh for children and women to work in. The children had to be very obedient in following the rules and do as they were told, if not they were punished in a terrible way, some were even beaten up. Besides working in harsh conditions and following the rules so they won't get punished they also had to go through many health hazards. The women had to go through the same things the children had to, but they were pushed to work harder since they were older.
Outside of the factories, women had poor labor market opportunities and inside the factories were payed less than men. The women, as always, were pushed to the sidelines as a dependents of men. Around that same time everything was changing when a group of women championed diverse social reforms of capital punishment, prisons,war,alcohol, and slavery. Activists just thought that the movement was a way of calling attention to all human right, but they kept fighting for what they believed in, wich was that all men and women were created equally.