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Fruitport Teachers Are Working Without A Contract

What is happening with our teachers?

No member of our community doubts the hard work and dedication of their children's teachers here at Fruitport Community Schools. Fruitport teachers are working harder than ever, year-after-year for the growth and development of our kids and the results are quite impressive. Scores throughout our district are soaring, each school building has teacher led initiatives that are putting Fruitport on the map as a district to be desired. And yet, in face of all of this success, teachers are being held in a state of disrespect with an unsettled contract and little-to-no desire on the part of the district to settle a fair contract.

Teachers have been working hard all year to bargain a fair contract and have endured great frustration as the district drags its feet at the bargaining table. In spite of stagnant wages and higher demands on their time from local and state governments, Fruitport teachers have shown up with smiles daily, pushed and encouraged our kids to greatness, and made great gains for the Fruitport community. We are asking that the school district recognize this by settling a fair contract for its teaching staff.

Teaching Without A Contract

What's A Parent To Do?

Being a parent of a student in school is a heavy responsibility. Not only do parents provide for the safety and wellbeing of their children at home, they also work to ensure that their children are given the very best education available to them. Part of this often thankless work of the parent is communicating with teachers and school officials to be certain that their child is being challenged to expand their education and become the best version of themselves as happy and productive adults.

It is no secret that no one in a school system works harder at achieving this goal than the classroom teacher. In partnership with parents, our teachers strive to empower all Fruitport students to reach their highest potential. And yet, teachers are being asked to work without a contract. This has various implications for the teachers in our district, and the ramifications of this and previously settled unfair contracts has led great teachers to seek employment outside of our community and led others to seek additional employment.

We know that a teacher is most effective when the classroom is their sole concern, and yet our district has placed road blocks between teacher and classroom by refusing to settle a contract.

So, what can a parent do? Parents are the heart of a school district. The needs and desires of the parents dictate the actions of every school district across the state. You can help your school move forward by asking that your district settle a fair contract with its teaching staff.

Teachers have been and continue to speak at every school board meeting. Please plan to attend and let your voice be heard on behalf of your children's future here at Fruitport Community Schools, a community worth fighting for!

School Board Meetings and Locations:

May 16, 2016 Shettler Library

June 20, 2016 Board Room

Fruitport Education Association