Become gladiator today!

Roman empire looking for new gladiators for the colosseum

Expectation for gladiators

  • soldiers are expected to train for most of the day and fight when commanded.
  • gladiators have to attend gladiator training college for roughly two years before they are ready to fight.

work hours and uniform for gladiators

  • gladiators will train from dawn until dusk, until you are asked to fight.
  • uniform will be provided.

Salary and education/qualification

  • Gladiators need to be qualified by going to gladiator school and training for two-three years before they are allowed to fight.
  • Gladiators are slaves to their lanista (master/owner) and will fight when commanded. If you win battles you will win prizes/wealth, if you are entertaining and victorious to the crowd at a high enough degree you can be freed.